Letters to the Editor

Response to Riverhead school board president
Any time a public official or a school board president says “trust me,” I immediately grab my wallet and keep it firmly in my two hands. For years we’ve been seeing school tax hikes that are two and three times the rate of inflation. Then when we’re told to trust those in charge, we get hit with a $123 million building repair bill.
“Trust me,” and I read that government employees receive twice the salary as those who work in the same private industry job.
“Trust me,” and I see Suffolk County spending over $2 million on a brand new helicopter. What? So County Executive Steve Levy can say, “Mine is bigger and newer than yours”?
“Trust me,” said the Republicans a month ago, and now the top wealthy 1 percent of Americans, who get 25 percent of the total income produced in this country, are getting the same tax breaks as the middle class.
“Trust me,” said Senator Charles Schumer, who voted yes on the bill.
Trust you? There’s hardly a public official that I trust any farther than I can throw them, and believe me, at my age I can’t throw too far.
Thomas W. Smith

Not just Republicans
Regarding the letter published Dec. 16 entitled “Backwards priorities,” writer Howard Meinke should remember that until Jan. 1, 2011, the Democrats still control the House, Senate and White House. Just as they pushed through health care reform without Republican support, they are capable of pushing through anything else they want without Republican support.
If Mr. Meinke feels that the Republicans are getting something they want, it has to be because the Democrats are allowing it.
Seems to me that there are some Democrats who paid attention to the elections in November and wish to keep their jobs in the future.
Robin Carr

GOP turns back on 9/11 responders
Here’s a plea to Republicans and Tea Party supporters.
Can one of you explain how Republican senators can justify filibustering a bill granting additional much-needed health benefits to 9/11 first responders? They said they did it because Democrats were holding up a bill providing $100,000-plus tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.
Why are you, who are usually so vocal about 9/11, all so silent in the face of this obscenity?
Jerry Silverstein

Protecting marriage
America is waking up, and it’s about time.
For some time now, our fundamental basic natural values have been systematically undermined, ridiculed and attacked by radical, minority fringe groups.
As with the majority of Americans, we say, “Enough is enough!” We have finally drawn the line and our religious leaders have spoken out and are leading the charge.
The leaders of some of the largest religious communities in the United States have come together to express their commitment toward the protection of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In a letter, “The Protection of Marriage,” these leaders affirmed “the importance of preserving marriage’s unique meaning and reinforcing the foundational cell of human society.”
Yes, America, enough is enough. Today is the moment to stand up for marriage, true values and their unchangeable meanings.
We the people have now drawn the line. Let the truth set us free.
Merry Christmas and to all a Happy New Year.
Jack McGreevy