Elderly man viciously beaten in Riverhead mobile home park

01/01/2011 6:51 PM |

An 84-year-old man was robbed and beaten inside his Glenwood Village home Saturday by a 38-year-old acquaintance who was later arrested in Riverhead, police said.

Police say Julia Townsend forcibly entered the victim’s home at the mobile home park and beat him unconscious. When he awoke a few hours later, he found a large amount of cash and jewelry missing. He was treated by responding Riverhead ambulance workers and then transported to Peconic Bay Medical Center. Police are not identifying the victim.

Ms. Townsend, described as undomiciled, is facing first-degree burglary charges.



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  • Undomiciled ?

    Maybe now he will be “domiciled” for a long time

  • Eric, get your facts straight. The perpertrator was a she.

  • rain… sleet…….. ok yes we had some sleet here in orient.. but 18 inchs of snow doesn’t sound like much in the way of amounts being held down….. don’t state information that isn’t backed up please….. the sleet lasted a total of 5 mins

  • Who Else Would Anybody Pick???

  • Kepert needs to go, She is part of the Problem, She has a top Aide that was caught stealing signs in farmingville and she did nothing about it. She is part of the name Crookhaven.

  • Go getum Rosalie…..

  • First time Patrick Whittle (Newsday)) did not mention Rosalie Hanson in their recent article on the report to dissove GHFD. Was it because this champion of this cause is now being considered for the run against Kepert. I think Newsday and Whittle ar showing their “TRUE COLORS”.