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  • Here we go again,spring soon in the air…and the incessant helicopter noise over fleets neck area of the north fork.If any one doubts it’s not there,come out to the Fleet’s Neck area,and join the noise.People just don’t make this up,just to make noise.I thought their was some progress,but it seems the big MONEY people,i.e,music industry,wall street,hollywood,are winning over the “little people”.If all the ‘little people” organize on the north fork,and take a stand their may be a chance to end this quality of life abuse.

  • I live on Pequash Avenue. They are flying directly over my property on their way to Fleets Neck. Some are lower than the 2,000 allowed altitude. The low fliers rattle my windows. This Sunday IN THE WINTER there were eight flights over the house and we were not there between 11 am and 4 pm.

  • I understand…I share your concern. Again, if all involved in this dreadful situation do not unite,in any way, big or small,the “power people” win..! And obviously,could care less.All southold and north fork are affected.Be vigilant,and stay informed.

  • I’m former life long resident of The NOFO and still go out there several times a week, throughout the year. I spend the most time out there in the Spring and Summer months, no need to explain why. My Mother still lives… in Mattituck, close to Mattituck airbase ( about 1/2 mile) and she’s across the street from an Inlet that leads out into The Great Peconic Bay. The point I’m making here is her house is almost directly under one of the most traveled routes used by the Helicopters as they cross over the part of the NOFO from the LI sound on their way to the East Hampton Town Airport.

    These Helicopter’s cross at maybe the widest part of Mattituck, which is maybe at best all of 2 miles. I stand in her back yard as I’m watching one these terrible destuctive modes of transportation, approaching the “air space” over her house at an altitude, if I had to guess has to be at least 2500 feet. Quickly, I yell Mom ! Quick here comes another one make sure you hold all your China in place so it doesn’t rattle off the shelves.

    In the 44 years I lived on the NOFO, since the time when they use to use Helicopters to spray the Potato and Cauliflower fields with pesticides to get rid of the Colorado Potato Bugs and whatever critters attacked the Vegetables grown out there at the time. And, until this very day I’ve never have had a Helicopter interfere with any conversation I was having with anyone inside or outside, in fact most of time if you were inside you were totally unaware of a Helicopter even being in the immediate vincinity. Furthermore, in the 44 years that my Mother has been living in the same house in Mattituck, with those horrible Helicopter’s flying overhead, I don’t she has lost one piece of China or any other tableware, nor have I or she ever heard so much as rattle as so many of you claim ! And, I’ve yet to see one fly by within 5 minutes of another, to even begin to remotely sound like the NOFO was in any kind of a WAR ZONE ! Please, give it a rest already, don’t you people have anything more important going on in your lives than to let a little background noise ruin your day ? If you can’t stand so much….MOVE !