Riverhead: Congrats to Alice and gang, Ms. Lynch and Mr. Groth

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Miss Gail's class 'Intro to Dance and Movement' sponsored by the Town Recreation Department at the George G. Young Community Center in Jamesport teaches three and four year-olds simple ballet techniques, rhythm, musicality, balance and coordination.

This past weekend’s production of “Alice in Wonderland” by the Riverhead Middle School Middle Masques was sensational. The cast included: Victoria Carroll, Elise Littlefield, Eva Castillo-Harrison, Isabella LoPiccolo, Savannah Medina, Allie Lasot, Erin Plitt, Sophia Parisi, Kaitlyn Jehle, Hayley Sheridan, Taylor Biando, Jesse Goodale, Emily Behr, Audrey Hesse, Jordan Branch, Raquel Perodin, Liana Salgado, Kylie Harris, Amanda Kindya, Alexis Medina, Krista Berchtold, Sarah Huneault, Connor Behr, Kim Daniell, Christian Williams, Keyanna Blackwell, Alicia Levin, Najsha Cuello, Jessica Diaz, Hannah Schneider, Jessica Nicholson, Chloe Halpin, Ashlyn Sagarin and Anne Marie Lampasona-Brain. Everyone did a superb job, from makeup and lighting to the sound system and props. Special thanks to Patricia Skura and Ed Tholl for all their hard work producing and directing, and to stage hands Christopher Bassat, Erik Markowski, Christian Williams, Ryan Lynn, Emily Apicello, Tyler Behr, Fablola Castillo, Michelle Hattoff, John Lang and Page Ruhf. Special recognition goes to DeAndre King, who did the artwork for the playbill. Thanks also to “Peanuts,” who tries to steal the show each year and who wins the hearts of many.

Check out the L.I. Science Center on Main Street on Saturday, Jan. 29, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for “The Night Sky.” Learn how to navigate through space and locate the stars. Study constellations and make a star finder and a glow-in-the-dark constellation to take home. For more information, call 208-8000.

Congratulations to Michele Lynch, who was honored with an award at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast on Jan. 17. Sponsored by First Baptist Church in Riverhead, this breakfast brings together people from different religious, cultural and economic backgrounds, reflecting Dr. King’s dream for all humanity. The award is given to those who embody Dr. King’s ideals and work tirelessly to make his dream a reality. Michele, political director of 1199 SEIU United Health Care Workers, plays a key role in motivating and organizing members to campaign on behalf of candidates who care about working families to get out to vote. Under her leadership members and staff successfully organized letter-writing campaigns in churches and mobilized community members to ensure passage of legislation on important issues such as living wages in Nassau and Suffolk counties, domestic workers’ rights in Nassau, and Fair Share Tax Reform in New York State. Michele lives in Riverhead with her husband, Tom, and son, Patrick.

Bill Groth, athletic director at Riverhead High School, has recently been designated as a certified athletic administrator and has joined the ranks of a nationwide élite group of interscholastic administrators. We should all be proud of his accomplishment. The students will clearly benefit from his commitment to professional development. Congratulations.

Happy 65th wedding anniversary to Harry and Anastasia Smith, who celebrate their special day today, Thursday, Jan. 27. Be sure to celebrate.

Happy birthday to Chrissie Reichel and Tim Lessard on Jan. 27; Marvin Warner, Jan. 28; Jette Grefe, Seth Bishop, Sister Linda Joseph and Luke Stepnoski, Jan. 29; Ariel Reichel and Ashley Hulse, Jan. 31; Forest Vail, Seth Frudenberg, Pat Harris and Joe Czulada , Feb. 1; and Milli Smith , Feb. 2. Hope your day is extra special.