Flanders: No news is snow news

Well, here we are, friends and neighbors. We are officially into February. Not much longer and it will be spring. I know I’m looking forward to March 21. I usually want time to slow down but now I want it to speed up for a bit and hurry past this month. I’m so tired of winter, snow and cold.

I don’t have much news for my column this week. I think everyone is hibernating, like me, or recuperating from shoveling out so many times, so this column is going to be short and sweet.

James Peterson earned the rank of Eagle Scout in December. For his project he built a United States flag retirement pit at the Brookhaven Firefighters Museum in Ridge. There is a drop-off box for anyone who has a flag in need of retirement. He truly did a beautiful job. His parents, Jim and Debbie, are very proud. Congratulations, James, on a job well done!

With all this snow around I’d like to ask everyone to not push or blow the snow back out into the roadway when clearing your driveway. I know it’s a pain in the neck and the end of your driveway is like a wall of ice, but that snow you’ve thrown back in the roadway causes dangerous conditions for anyone walking or standing nearby, like students on the way to the bus stop. I know it’s not the first thing on your mind when you’re hip-deep in the mess and freezing, but if everyone could just stop doing that, it would make us moms who have kids standing out in the street breathe a lot easier.

Belated happy birthday to Jill Konkel, who celebrated on Jan. 31, from your husband, your daughters and all your friends and family. We hope you had a wonderful day.

See what I mean? That’s all for this week. Please call or e-mail me with any news you’d like to share — birthdays, anniversaries, etc.. I can’t wait to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm, drive safely, and remember, spring is right around the corner.