DA: Riverhead ring spread drugs, guns and counterfeit cash

Counterfeit bills recovered by the Suffolk DA task force's bust of Riverhead drug ring
VERA CHINESE PHOTO | Counterfeit bills recovered during the bust of a Riverhead drug, guns and counterfeit money ring.

A gang-related cocaine dealing, cash counterfeiting and weapons trafficking ring that operated mostly in the Riverhead area has been busted, its 23 alleged members rounded up and arrested, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said Thursday.

The operation, connected with members of the Doctors Path Flames, a faction of the “Bloods” gang, allegedly distributed $20,000 worth of cocaine in the area each week and printed thousands of $20 counterfeit bills, which were sold for 10 cents on the dollar.

Search warrants were executed at 10 locations late last month where members of the East End Drug Task Force recovered half a kilo of coke, $2,000 in counterfeit bills, three illegal handguns ­— one of which was used in two shootings in Riverhead — and gear that suggested members were planning to impersonate police officers, Mr. Spota said.

“This shows you right here in Riverhead…we have bad, bad people,” he said.

According to investigators, the operation’s alleged suppliers, James “Dog” White, 39, of 192 Ellen Street in Riverhead and Mack “Kobe” Butler, 36, of Patchogue would pick up drugs in New York City and ferry them to the Riverhead area. John “Guns” Gayles, 25, of Riverhead and Carnell “Smell” Walker, 25, of Flanders both alleged gang members, would then purchase and distribute the drugs to lower level drug dealers.

Police also said Mr. Gayles would traffic guns from a southern state that was not identified. Local police and prosecutors have turned that matter over to federal authorities.

During a raid of Mr. Butler’s Patchogue home last month, police found a counterfeit bill printer in a living room closet and a check list of items needed to impersonate a police officer, including handcuffs and a Chevy Impala car. Clothing was crossed off the list, most likely because police vests and hats were found in the home, Mr. Spota explained.

Police stopped Kyle “Uncle Kyle” Harris, 47, of 162 Linda Avenue in Riverhead and DeWayne “Tech B” Butler, 28, of Amityville after the pair allegedly purchased $16,000 worth of cocaine with counterfeit bills in Brooklyn. During the traffic stop, the officers found the pair had been ripped off themselves — and were only holding a sack of sheetrock and baking soda. Mr. Butler and Mr. Harris were both arrested as well.

Mr. Walker, of 75 Anchor Street in Flanders was arrested on a slew of conspiracy, drug dealing and drug possession charges. Mr. Gayles, of 88 Phillips Street, was also arrested on a slew of conspiracy, drug dealing and drug possession charges, as well as a forgery charge. Mr. Butler was arrested on a conspiracy charge and weapons charges. The trio and the 15 other suspects were arraigned Thursday morning in Suffolk County Criminal Court. Mr. Butler, Mr. Walker and Mr. Gayles are being held without bail at the county jail.

Mr. Spota said investigators found no evidence of any law abiding citizen being victims of the gang. The five-month investigation, headed by Riverhead Police Officer and East End Drug Task force member Patrick McDermott used undercover officers and wiretaps.

“Gangs have made life miserable for the law abiding citizens of the communities they are ravaging,” Mr. Spota said. “[Gang members] may scare our neighbors, but they will not scare us.”

The following people weer also arrested in  the sweep:
Alleged Blood member Brian Stokley AKA Little Bow Wow, 26, of Longneck Boulevard, Flanders
Alleged Blood member Tristan Jackson, 28, of Hill Rise, Calverton
Alleged Blood member Stanley Griffin AKA Griff, 30, of 3 Oakland Drive South, Riverhead
Alleged Blood member Tremel Kelly, 18, of 55 Sigal Avenue, Riverhead
Tina Greene, 37, of 531A Osborne Avenue Riverhead
Yolando Miles AKA Yay Yo, 23, of 20A Third Street, Riverhead
Grant Carle, 46, of 1167 Church Street, Southampton
Allen Brown, 19, of 872 Main Road, Aquebogue
Charles Pettaway,22, of 55 Cypress Avenue, Flanders
Javid Yarsien, 19, of 38 Rider Avenue, Patchogue
Thomas Locolla AKA Whitebread, 22, of 628 Northville Turnpike, Riverhead
Carlton Walker AKA Taz, Rel and Balton, 21, of 18 Wayne Court, Westhampton
Verna Miles AKA Verna Butler AKA Tiny, 34, of 5 Offaly Street, Amityville
Tremaine Kelly, 26, of 55 Sigal Avenue Riverhead
Robert Mahoney, 22, of 34 Doris Avenue, Riverhead
Eric Thomas, 37, of 51 Lewis Street, Riverhead
Delmuse Wise, 36, of 34 Doris Avenue, Riverhead
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