Kent pooches drafted for the ‘Puppy Bowl’

Animal PLanet producer and Puppy bowl referee Andrew Schecter with three Kent pups.
COURTESY PHOTO | Animal Planet producer and Puppy bowl referee Andrew Schecter with three Kent pups.

Three Kent Animal Shelter pups will make an appearance during tomorrow’s big game.

Well, not that big game.

Look for the pooches — two mastiffs and a potcake puppy — during the Animal Planet channel’s annual “Puppy Bowl” Sunday at 3 p.m.

The pups were on screen during an Associated Press interview with Animal Planet Producer and Puppy Bowl referee Andrew Schecter. The interview will air during the 7th annual Puppy Bowl, said Kent director Pam Green.

The Puppy Bowl, explains the AP, “has a football theme, with the dogs scoring ‘touchdowns’ if they cross a goal line with a chew toy. There’s no such thing as going too far in this sport, which has a “blimp” staffed by hamsters, chickens as cheerleaders and a musical halftime show starring cats.”

The event always airs on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Calverton shelter’s director Pam Green and staffer Lisa Lewin brought the pooches in after being contacted by, a website that finds families for homeless animals.

Ms. Green said the large mastiff puppies were “super” while playing with Mr. Schecter. “They kind of look like linebackers themselves,” she said. The puppies are available for adoption at the River Road shelter in Calverton.

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