Calverton: Black history month at Riley

Winter recess for Riley Avenue Elementary School (and the entire district) is Feb. 21-25. I hope you get to go somewhere where the temperature is over 32 degrees.

February is Black History Month and Riley is continuing to recognize the many achievements of both local and national African-American heroes. The fourth-grade students will be sharing facts and quotations with the entire school and all the students will receive materials about these wonderful, important people.

I had the best time at the Chinese New Year celebration held at Riley last week. Mrs. Dorman and Mrs. Kruger have once again perfectly brought together the children and the songs, the ribbon dance and the spectacular parade of dragons, which was made even more special as principal David Enos participated with his usual humor. Mrs. Haupt’s artistic talents are amazing. The school looks so festive with the dragons and the mitten pictures outside the gym. Thanks again for the invite, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

For those of you who shop at Stop and Shop and have a Stop and Shop points card, you can now help Riley earn money from your purchases. Call 1-877-275-2758 or visit to learn more about this program. Do consider participating, it’s so easy.

A belated happy birthday to Wendy Finter on Feb. 9; Marilyn Milanack, Feb. 11; and Marcia Sidik, Feb. 12. Hope you each had a perfect day.

Happy birthday to Jim Niewadomski, who celebrates today, Thursday, Feb. 17, from your mom and dad, all your family and friends, and your girlfriend, Laura. We hope your day is great. Birthday wishes are also sent to Laura Randall (Jimmy’s girlfriend) who celebrates on Feb. 20, from all your family and friends, and, of course, Jimmy. Best wishes to you both for special days together.

The warmer weather has been so nice. Now all we have to do is get rid of that awful, dark-colored snow on the sides of the road and all will be better.

Here’s an idea for those who are adventurous: I saw some maple trees with icicles hanging off their branches last week, which means the sap is running and maple-syrup-making time is here. We made syrup when my children were small. You can do it, too. Just remember, it takes a lot of sap to make a little syrup. Search the Internet to learn how.

That’s all for this week. Be safe, enjoy the warm weather and I shall talk to you all next week. Take care, bye.