Town raids overcrowded homes in Flanders & Northampton

02/18/2011 10:02 AM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | 90 Maple Avenue in Flanders

Southampton code enforcers raided cockroach-infested and overcrowded Flanders and Northampton houses Thursday, where they found a lack of smoke detectors, low ceilings and in one of the houses an entire family living in one bedroom, authorities said.

Authorities first executed a search warrant at 90 Maple Avenue in Flanders — owned by Salvador and Angela Aquino — and found five unrelated people living in an illegal basement apartment. The apartment had a kitchen, lacked emergency escape windows and a carbon monoxide detector and had a ceiling height below the minimum 7’6” as required by code, investigators said. It was also infected with cockroaches, said the town’s chief code enforcement investigator, David Betts.

In total, 11 people were living in the house, including the Aquinos’ son. Mr. and Ms. Aquino were charged with 24 code violations.

Shortly after, investigators raided 40 Pine Court in Northampton and found 16 people, including an entire family that lived in a single bedroom, living there.

40 Pine Court in Northampton

The living room was made into a bedroom and the lower level converted to a complete two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen.

“Situations like these, where we are dealing with utterly irresponsible landlords and tenants, are why strong code enforcement is essential,” said Southampton Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst.

Mr. Betts said his department was alerted to the Flanders home after a code enforcement officer noticed modified doors and windows near the basement.

Town police alerted code enforcement of overcrowding at the Northampton home.

The tenants were not immediately forced to leave the properties.

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  • I hope the Town,neighbors and the News Review follow-up on this. Seems like these inspections are sometimes just for show. Fines, Rental permit and re-working illegal construction is the course of actions.

  • why aren’t the tenants moved out ? just another slap on he wrist and the slum lord is still collecting rent money

  • It’s really not the tenants fault, so why throw them out on the street? The slumlord should be fined. Alot.

  • i wish there were more codes to enforce, i live in flanders, these houses are disgusting!

  • Notice the Mexican flag on the first house… (red/white/green)

  • Notice the Mexican flag on the first house… (red/white/green)

  • those teants know what they’re doing and how they’re living, they’re just as guilty as the the slum lord

  • but we’ll let them continue to live like this way with the slum lord in the house tooo.

  • I used to live in this neighborhood back in the early 80’s, it was a beautiful neighborhood. it really looks bad now.

  • It’s about time. All those kids go to our schools. I know the landlords pay taxes, but many of these homes have 10 kids living there.

  • It’s about time. All those kids go to our schools. I know the landlords pay taxes, but many of these homes have 10 kids living there.

  • i used to live on riverleigh until ,1993 moved to colorado but returned for a visit in 2010
    could not believe what its become, why/ what happened to polish town, doc,s tavern
    everything looked like a war zone. shows you what happens when they let drugs,gangs,and low lifes stay with no enforcment.

  • Thanx Heather for reminding us to relax and enjoy our natural environment.
    The Spring Equinox is March 20, 2011 less than three weeks away.
    Today there was not a single footprint on the beach!

  • Can anyone explain what the situation is with the new bank that was under construction on Route 25 main road Mattituck? The place is a eye sore. Most of the time the parts of the fence is laying down on it’s side. The new Chase bank went up so fast and is nicely landscaped as well as well lit at night. What went wrong with this bank? Tourists as well as locals have to drive past this and it ruins the beauty of this quaint little town.

  • Yellow Bags
    My biggest problem with the present controversy about refuse collection is the quality of the yellow bags. Pardon the pun, but they are garbage! They are very thin construction, cant hold much weight at all. We we can go to the IGA and get 30 bags for the same prices as 3 yellow bags ! You don”t have to be a rocket scientist to know that they are a money maker for the town. Doing away with them will, I am sure, cause the money to be raised some other way. It would just be more convienent if you just let us use our own plastic trash bags.

  • Jerry Esposito, Garbage is the problem, not the solution.

    The cost of yellow bags pays for trucking your garbage and for dumping it out of town.

    If yellow bags were heavier people would overfill them.

    The garbage problem is just one of many problems caused by overdevelopment and over zealous pursuit of convenience.