Levy: Sean Walter’s my choice for LI Planning Council

02/18/2011 1:08 PM |

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is nominating first-term Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter for a seat on the influential Long Island Regional Planning Council, in part to give the East End a voice on the regional advisory panel, Mr. Levy confirmed with the News-Review this week.

“We believe that Sean is an intelligent and thoughtful supervisor who will lend a sense of balance and an East End perspective” on the 12-member board, which is made up of six Nassau and six Suffolk council members, Mr. Levy said.

Mr. Walter’s nomination still has to be confirmed by a vote of the county Legislature, which could come as soon as its March 8 meeting.

“I think that the supervisor’s appointment reflects the county executive’s recognition of the East End as playing a crucial part in Long Island’s future,” said Dan Aug, a spokesman for Mr. Levy, “But it also puts Supervisor Walter among the top planning officials on all of Long Island, and gives him that platform to represent this region.”

If confirmed, Mr. Walter would take the seat recently vacated by Babylon Supervisor Steve Ballone.

Reached Friday, Mr. Walter called the nomination “an honor,” and said his new role will be especially helpful as the Town Board seeks to oversee a massive redevelopment plan at the Enterprise Park in Calverton. A $450,000 reuse study for the former Grumman property is just now getting underway.

“Part of the job as a town supervisor is being salesman-in-chief,” Mr. Walter said. “You got to get out of your office and promote this town. [The Council] just gives you another opportunity to get out and speak to people about Riverhead. It’s truly an honor for anybody from Riverhead to be picked for this post. We’re a small town and I think it gives us a lot of credibility.”

Each county executive appoints six council members, which must include at least one mayor and one supervisor from within each county.

If Mr. Walter, a Republican, is not re-elected in November he will have to step down from the unpaid post.

County Legislator Ed Romaine (R-Center Moriches), whose district covers Riverhead and the rest of the North Fork, said he planned to vote enthusiastically in favor of the appointment, and he urged his fellow lawmakers to do the same.
“This could be a great thing for Riverhead, and will grant Mr. Walter access to some of the region’s most established developers,” Mr. Romaine said. “The supervisor will be in regular contact with these people, during which he could always say, ‘Hey, when you’re done with that project, please consider all we have to offer in Riverhead.’”

Mr. Aug agreed the appointment could also help in crafting a development plan in Calverton.

“With Riverhead the site of the largest redevelopment site in the county, with the 2,900 acres of property that is regionally significant for development,” he said. “It’s certainly appropriate Riverhead be represented on the council.”
The council does not have any regulatory powers and serves only as an advisory panel.

Mr. Romaine said the chief mission of the council’s planning work is to consider potential projects — not on a village, town or even county level, but a regional level.

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  • Levy kissing up to the republican club. Will Sean bring that great Riverhead know-how to all of Suffolk? I can hear the stores boarding up right now.

  • Ahh, the man has paid his dues and paved the way for Jodi and the rest of her
    Crookhaven cronies to complete the rape of Riverhead. Wasn’t great before her but we are going to pay an enormous tax price for the deals that she, Sean, the two cops and the green house guy have brought here. When is the Riverhead populace going to wake up and not let this bunch of “good old boy thieves” continue to enrich themselves on your backs?

  • Thank god Walter has no chance of being re-elected. He would single handely destroy suffolk co. If he would have let us build a motorsports facility we would have been paying taxes for years now and giving jobs to the residents. Hundreds of businesses would have been benefiting and thousands of people would be better able to support their families. Levys another one who said he is motorsports positive and has done nothing, get rid of them all.

  • Thank god Walter has no chance of being re-elected. He would single handely destroy suffolk co. If he would have let us build a motorsports facility we would have been paying taxes for years now and giving jobs to the residents. Hundreds of businesses would have been benefiting and thousands of people would be better able to support their families. Levys another one who said he is motorsports positive and has done nothing, get rid of them all.

  • Lol amazing….. utterly amazing….

    A town supervisor looks a developer in the eyes offering 40 mil for 300 acres to build a motorspots facility that would have drawn and created jobs, instead he blew it off because he thought there was ANOTHER … Gold Coin Federal govt weapons contract like grumman coming back….a govt that is broke will not be funding any projects like that….

    Now they have nothing…..

    Levy, yet again with his blunders, appoints walter to a planning council…..

    C”mon steve you blew yaphank almost as bad as cardniale and crew blew epcal, along with walter and crew….

    None of them have any idea wth they’re doing…

  • Just a bunch of BOBBLEHEADS patting eachothers backs and tickleing thier ‘taints.Levy & Walter have shown thier support of MOTORSPORTS, bobblehead style.Please don’t think you can continue to YES the LONG ISLAND MOTORSPORTS ASSOCIATION to death,election time is coming and the cronies will be going.

  • i cant believe it! cardinales have been trying to buy mattituck since i was in high school. i think that they owned all of the a&p(remember when- the “woods” behind and the cemetary were the place to hang out) plaza when i left. didnt “ole” man cardinale give a building to each one of his family members and their significant(s) to begin this monopoly. and now almost more than 25yrs have passed and now the chamber of commerce of mattituck(affectionally called “hooterville” in the day)(even one of the major farm stands of the late 70s and early 80s called itself “hooterville farm”) the president of the chamber of commerce is a cardinale…………..that is really scary. and the picture of her all wrapped up with theodoru vp of this new bank…….even scarier!!!!!…….red flag…..wake up!!!!! oh yeah he did go around to local businesses(i wonder how many of these “local” businesses are out-of-towners(a far cry from a north forkey i bet)) (i wonder if he has a “scarface” poster in his home gym)to be kind(areyoukind?) and “neighborly” or to mark his territory(assure the assets).tax incentives for businesses who come to the mattituck “hamlet”. “hamlet” and cardinale /theodoru shouldnt be said in the same breath. what these guys got in mind is a lot more sinister than a “hamlet”. oh yeah one more thing i wonder if they will take food stamp cards at the new love lane market. so long “hooterville”—- hello” psuedoville”…………………..oh wait…………hi deb

  • o.k. o.k. just one more thing————–please dont corrupt scott russell….. it looks like he may end up being north forks last chance to survive in this world of deception and greed. re-elect RUSSELL in the fall.

  • If the survival of the North Fork depends on any one person, hope is faint. If Scott Russell is our only hope the fox is already in the chicken coop.

    Do you remember when the Mattituck Strawberry Festival served local strawberries?

    Have you visited Main Street in Southold recently?

    Traffic on the North Fork gets worse every year. Today being the first sunny warm Saturday there was a 5 minute delay to make a left turn onto the Main Road ALL DAY LONG. All the traffic counts and studies in the Planning Board fail to take into account the unique mix of rural, seasonal, suburban and interstate traffic between Riverhead and Orient Point.

    Our future depends on breaking free of the partisan politics Russel excels at. Together we can plan and act to protect and restore the natural environment and enable and promote our local economy.

    Whoever stands for our common interests, the true purpose of government, will get my vote.

  • I WANT TO RETRACT THE ABOVE COMMENT(after exhaustive research and time i need to change my point of view—-SCOTT RUSSELL SHOULD IN NO WAY BE RE-ELECTED) (READ ALL OF my COMMENTS TO COMPREHEND THIS CONCLUSION…………peace.

  • BENJA(you are absolutely right……………YOU HAVE BEEN ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!………….isnt that why scott is interfering with your ability to access town council meeting(s) video!?!?!?(READ my above RETRACTION.) and please dont tell me that they dont serve “local” strawberries at strawberry festival————-dont tell me they are from chile…..please dont tell me this………can i join you in any way i can “to protect and restore the natural enviroment” of the north fork. as far as “local” economy i truly believe if “we” just get rid of RUSSELL and CARDINALE(my “heart” remains in mattituck(especially new suffolk avenue)into new suffolk.) the ability to elect those “whoever stands for our common interest” will follow and the “local” economy will recover. do you listen to alex jones at infowars.com. …….”counteract 1984 with 1776″—-alex jones. if the british empire doesnt get here first. PEACE TO YOU COMRADE!!!

  • g- just informed me…………”the witch is dead the witch is dead(please pretend that the emoticon of a musical note is here) yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! one down!