Riverhead High School principal takes job in Westbury

02/21/2011 11:22 AM |


Riverhead High School principal David Zimbler will be stepping down from his post before the end of the school year to take a position in Nassau County’s Westbury School District, superintendent Nancy Carney told the News-Review Monday.

Mr. Zimbler, who earned $168,028 in 2010,  could leave as soon as April, she said.

Associate principal David Wicks will assume Mr. Zimbler’s duties until a permenant replacement is named, she added. Ms. Carney said the school board would likely opt to hire someone already employed in the district.

Mr. Zimbler of Commack has officially notified Ms. Carney of his decision to take the Westbury Middle School principal position.

“He’s been very upfront with me about his plans,” Ms. Carney said.

Hired in 2007 after serving as an assistant high school principal in the Malverne district, Mr.  Zimbler, 40, was arrested on DWI charges on a Long Island Expressway service road in Brentwood in June 2008. He pleaded guilty last April in a Central Islip courtroom to a reduced charge of driving while ability impaired.

He was fined $500 and his driver’s license was suspended for 90 days.

The Riverhead school board had delayed Mr. Zimbler’s tenure by a year in the wake of the arrest, and also required him to participate in an employee assistance program and in community service at the time.

Mr. Zimbler would have been eligible for tenure again this year.

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  • awe. i love zimbler as a principal ! luckily for me , hes leaving after ive already graduated =]

  • Terrible human being…. terrible role model… and makes way to much for ruling over an indoctrination center…

  • That’s wonderful that you can assume he’s a terrible human being. I attended RHS while he was a principal and I had the privilege of being able to work side by side with him on numerous projects within the school. He was always there for the students and was always open to ideas which would help the school. Everyone makes mistakes and yes many people got a bad taste in their mouths after his “mistake”, however he owned up to it and handled his business the way that it needed to be handled.

  • Hmmmmm…in the wake of his god(mother) leaving???? Now that Scricca isn’t there to protect him I bet he’s been looking for another position! Perhaps the building morale will finally be on the upswing!

  • u make speling gud frum lurning frum him. (and speek pritty 2)

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    We don’t even have bike racks. Bike Lanes are not even considered. The East End is addicted to cars. Until there is a shift to accept bicycles and other alternative forms of transportation (Hybrid electric assist bikes and other limited speed vehicles are increasingly available and practical), the high accident rates and insurance rates will continue.

    Blame the MTA, but the truth is that all five East End Towns transportation policies are still pursuing 1950’s-era thinking to maximize the capacity of our roads to accommodate speeding motor vehicles.

    But, Change is possible. NYC is changing!

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    It will take a revolution for Southold to reverse and progress beyond the “American Dream” world sold to us by corporations so they could profit from oil gas and automobiles. Lets get revolving!

  • If you got to know him the way I have, you would understand that he is quite contrarily a great human being , friend, and role model. He has high morals and cares a lot about his family and his job. Humans make mistakes, and he did not hide his. It is quite honorable actually that he let it be known. It takes a coward to run away from his troubles, and Zimbler certainly is not one.

  • We need stop signs on Hunter Ave,(south). It is a very long residential street. Children play, there are so many animals because the lots are 1 and 2 acres..and the cars zip way too fast. Our block is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • It’s not clear to me that many of the residents of RP understand the meaning of “Stop” (or a speed limit for that matter). There is a green Jeep Cherokee that speeds up Hallock Landing Road each day blowing through all the Stop signs as if they didn’t exist (or have any meaning in the driver’s universe). Perhaps we should increase school funding since I’m suspect that the high school aged driver has not yet learned how to read.

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    Oh, and by the way, red light cameras, yeah, they get fines and NO POINTS, but… if a Police Officer catches them, THEY DO!

  • Peter…Oh by the way. The federal government, the state, county and the town are bankrupt. If Suffolk County in their wisdom had not negotiated such lucrative contracts and tier 1 retirements , maybe we could afford more Sufolk County Police. Maybe who should add Suffolk County Sheriffs and/or NewYork State Police like they have in Southhampton Town to suplement county police. Or maybe we should disolve the Suffolk County force and start Brookhaven Town Police.,again

  • Peter, dude…did you forget your meds? Again?! Do you read before you post?!

  • Peter, dude…did you forget your meds? Again?! Do you read before you post?!

  • Peter, dude…did you forget your meds? Again?! Do you read before you post?!

  • Sureee Whaat ever YOUR WRONG !!! hes not aa badd person lifee involes mistakes nn if uu havent made one i wouldnt kall uu aa humah beinq .. Put it like thaat : )

  • Mr. Zimbler has been the support to many students and parents during the passing of RHS Art teacher,Vinny Nasta. That, amongst other kind efforts by this man, is why I consider him to be an exceptional human being and principal. Its very easy to forget the good one has done if bad tries to overshadow the good. I wish him well.

  • That makes no sense.