Free health screenings for BNL workers

The Worker Health Protection Program of Queens College is offering no-cost medical screening to former Department of Energy Brookhaven National Laboratory workers. Former workers at BNL, who worked there for more than 30 days, may be at an increased risk for occupational illness due to working with or near radiation, toxic substances and physical hazards, according to a statement from program spokesman Jonathan Corbin.

Examinations will be conducted by expert independent occupational medicine physicians in Suffolk County, he said. They’ll be evaluated for potential exposures to ionizing radiation, asbestos, lead, cadmium, silica, lasers, noise, beryllium and various other chemical and physical hazards, he said.

Exposure to these elements could have put the former workers at risk for illnesses including chronic lung disease, certain cancers or hearing or vision loss, he said. There’s also a component of the exams dealing with general wellness to test for non-occupational related conditions.

Participants will given test results with recommended follow-up steps to be taken should any abnormalities be revealed, he said. The results could be used to support an Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act claim, Mr. Corbin said.

For information on the screenings, call 1-888-241-1199.