Southampton Town: Flanders man operated illegal waste transfer station

A Flanders property owner was busted this week for operating what Southampton Town officials called an “illegal transfer station,” which included 15 dumpsters, and for running three other illegal businesses on the property.

Southampton Town code enforcement, police and fire marshals descended on the Priscilla Avenue property about 9 a.m. Friday and found 15 roll-off waste containers — some as big as 40-cubic-yards — on the property and on adjacent town-owned parkland.

A “masonry business, landscaping operation, and makeshift carting facility,” were also operating without the proper permits on the residential zoned property, officials said.

Property owner Frank Fisher said he would immediately bring the land up to code. It is not clear what charges Mr. Fisher is facing.

“Egregious property misuse drastically impacts a neighborhood’s quality-of-life and surrounding environment,” said Southampton Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst.  “This is yet another example of the type of illegal operation a strong code enforcement team can address.”

Friday’s bust is the latest in a number of Southampton Town investigations targeting property owners who commit quality of life violations.

Earlier this month, code enforcement found 17 people living in a Flanders home and a Northampton and a Flanders home were raided in mid-February.