Flanders: Tax equalization meeting coming up

Well, my friends, according to the calendar it’s finally spring and snow is, once again, in the forecast. I think I’m just going to ignore the forecast and hope for the best. I know tons of people who ignore the obvious and it seems to work for them. I think I’ll give it a try.

It’s really quiet in the news department this week so I’m going to tell you about my weekend. My brother Frank and I went into New York City on Saturday to see “La Cage Aux Folles,” starring Harvey Fierstein, who was absolutely fabulous as Albin. If you’re into theater and if you haven’t seen “La Cage,” I give it two thumbs up. I try to get into the city once a year and luckily I have a brother who enjoys it because I find it overwhelming and probably wouldn’t go if he didn’t join me. We complain about traffic here in Flanders and Riverhead but after sitting in it bumper-to-bumper for an hour because of a fender bender on the LIE in Queens, I’d say we have it pretty good here. Although I enjoy the time away and I enjoy the sights and shows NYC has to offer, I am so happy to see the sign for exit 71. It’s like I can breathe again.

Don’t forget, friends and neighbors, there will be a very important community meeting on Friday, April 8, starting at 7 p.m. at the David W. Crohan Community Center regarding the school tax equalization rate. This is sponsored by the various community associations and it is very important for residents to attend. Mark your calendars now so you don’t forget. The school budget vote is coming up in May and we need to be informed.

Jasmine Tall, daughter of Karen (Mayo) and Col. Victor Tall, recently celebrated her Sweet 16 in style with a dinner dance at National Harbor, Md. The best surprise was news that Jasmine, a high school sophomore, has been selected to assist with a major medical research project at UC Berkeley and to study Latin at the prestigious Virginia Governor’s School this summer. Jasmine is the granddaughter of former Riverhead resident Shirley Mayo of Durham, N.C. Congratulations to Jasmine and her family and happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a few of my friends this week. Laurie Gallo will celebrate on March 25, Kathy Kruel on March 28, fellow RHS 1986’er Sean O’Neil on March 29, former Flanders resident Kim Lucas and current Flanders resident Sandi Lopez on March 29, and Denise Allen on April 2. I hope everyone enjoys their day!

That is all for this week. I hope to hear from you all soon with any news you’d like to share with the community. My number and e-mail is above. Please remember to drive safely, slowly and to put those cell phones down. No talking or texting while driving. Have a wonderful weekend.