Alleged prostitute busted on warrant; faces charges in Southampton

03/26/2011 9:01 AM |

A 33-year-old Riverhead woman was arrested on a warrant Tuesday in relation to a prior prostitution charge, Southampton Town Police said Saturday.

Rose Pittman was arrested by Riverhead cops shortly before 4 p.m. for failing to previously appear in Southampton Justice Court.

Ms. Pittman was transferred to Southampton where she was charged and arraigned, police said.



One Comment

  • Unfortunately, the current and prior administrations have completely dropped the ball on making Riverhead safe for its citizens.

    Having the Supervisor’s cronies tell us how safe downtown is in the face of roving gangs, drug dealers and prostitutes just does not cut it.

    Our Town’s citizens deserve better, including a real police presence downtown and shutting down the illegal immigrant and gang rooming houses that have been allowed to fester as breeding grounds for criminals.