State school aid figures won’t be known until Wednesday or Thursday

Though Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have agreed on a $132.5 billion 2011-12 budget that restores some $272 million in aid Mr. Cuomo had proposed cutting to New York schools, what that means for local school districts will not be known until later this week, state officials said.

“As for precisely which of the state’s nearly 700 districts get what, that will become clearer with the school aid runs,” said Drew Biondo, an aide to state senator Ken LaValle (R-Port Jefferson). Mr. Biondo said the Division of Budget will release the breakdown of what individuals districts will receive either Wednesday or Thursday, when the Legislature is expected to vote on the final budget.

The $272 million in education aid includes restoration of funding for schools for the blind and deaf, and summer school special education.

In the Riverhead School District, Superintendent Nancy Carney has said the additional aid will not save the 38 positions, including 15 teachers, that have been cut under the district’s 2011-12 $110.3 million budget.

The governor had proposed cutting $2.9 million in aid to the Riverhead district — and a total $1.5 billion in schools across the state — of as part of plan to plug a $10 billion deficit.

The budget that will go to vote Thursday trims spending by about 2 percent compared to this year’s budget.

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