Brookhaven supe says he’s open to sharing dog shelter

Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko on Wednesday confirmed he has had discussions with Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter about the possibility of Brookhaven’s animal shelter taking on dogs from Riverhead’s shelter, thus relieving Riverhead of the need to have an animal shelter.

The idea, which was discussed at Tuesday’s Riverhead Town Board meeting and at a Riverhead shelter advisory committee meeting Monday, was opposed by several residents who spoke at the two meetings. Despite this, Mr. Walter believes his town could save around $150,000 through the move.

“I briefly spoke with Supervisor Walter, but no details were discussed and no agreements made,” Mr. Lesko told the News-Review. “I am open to having our animal shelter staff examine the needs of Riverhead and determine if the Town of Brookhaven can help. The town is always willing to talk to other municipalities, school and fire districts about the consolidation of services and inter-municipal agreements that can help save the taxpayer’s money.”

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