Calverton: science fair and fire safety at Riley Avenue

It’s so good to see the farm fields being plowed and readied for the planting season. As acre by acre become so neatly turned under, you can’t help but get the itch to get in the soil and making things grow — tasty things, veggies that taste so amazing you simply smile. So get going, it’s time.

There’s all kinds of stuff going on at Riley Avenue Elementary School this month: The science fair is tonight, April 7. The winners will be announced soon. Another exciting event will be spring recess, when school closes from April 18-25. Hopefully it’ll be nice and warm, but hey, time off is time off, right? The highly anticipated fire safety program will be held later this month. This is a special time when the students learn so much from the firemen who visit the school. Those who wish to register their children for kindergarten can call Pupil Personnel Services at 369-6800 to make an appointment.

Legislator Ed Romaine and Hallockville Museum Farm visited the second-grade classes recently in honor of National Agriculture Week. Mr. Romaine read “Chicks and Chickens,” by Gail Gibbons, to the children. Hallockville donated the book to the school library and brought live chickens to the classrooms for the children to hold. Thanks to everyone who made this event so much fun!

A surprise birthday party for Rita Hodun of Calverton was thrown last Saturday at the Flanders Men’s Club by her children. About 45 people helped Rita celebrate her special day, complete with a DJ and lots of really tasty food. As you might guess, a great time was had by all. From each and every one of us, we hope you also enjoyed your real birthday, April 4! Congratulations to you, Rita.

Belated happy birthday to Rowland Hautsch, who celebrated on March 31. Your wife, Patti, daughter Jessica, and all your family and friends hope your birthday was really nice.

There will be a meteor shower April 17 through the 26th. Called the Leonids, these meteors are very cool to see as they have trains of dust that you can actually see for several seconds or so. So make your plans now — blankets and all that stuff.

If you want to plant potatoes in your garden, there is no need to go out and get special potatoes to do so. Just take any potato and cut it into about four pieces. Try to get an eye or a sprout in each piece and plant it about 6 to 8 inches deep and watch it grow. You will need to fertilize it later when it begins to grow, but they really are quite easy to raise.

That is all for this week. Take care, be safe and I shall talk to you next week. Bye.