Slide Show: ‘East End Light’ show opens at EEAC

04/23/2011 10:52 AM |

East End Arts Council debuted its juried, all media art show “East End Light” at its East Main Street gallery Friday.

Gallery director Jane Kirkwood said there were 275 entries and 56 were chosen for the show by guest juror Glynis Berry, owner of Art Sites gallery on West Main Street in Riverhead.

The ‘Best in Show’ went to Marion Jones of Southold for her work titled ‘Misty Morning.’ The piece is in acrylic, graphite and crayon. It is the second time in two years that she has won best in show.

East End Arts Council is dedicated to promoting the arts on eastern Long Island.

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BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO Artist Liz Malunowitz of Sag Harbor (left) and Art Sites Gallery owner Glynis Berry admire a sculpture by Luke Thomas of Amagansett called 'Sledding.'



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