Riverhead BID tests out downtown security cameras

04/28/2011 6:46 AM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Riverhead BID president Ray Pickersgill downtown by the public bathrooms waiting for the security camera demonstration last Thursday afternoon.

The Riverhead Business Improvement District got a sneak peek at how a downtown surveillance camera would work last Thursday.

Representatives from Next Level Vision and Sound of Holbrook installed a camera on one of the streetlight poles by the river to demonstrate the quality of the video feed to BID members.

The BID plans to mount a small antenna on top of the comfort station behind the former Sweezy’s building, where the equipment would be kept. The BID is hoping to have video cameras monitoring activity from McDermott Avenue all the way to Grangebel Park. The camera system they seek would retain videos for up to 30 days, according to BID president Ray Pickersgill. The BID plans to seek competitive bids on the camera system, and is hoping to get the system for between $30,000 and $40,000.

Mr. Pickersgill said that when the group sought surveillance cameras about a year ago, prices were in the $70,000 range.

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  • Ray,the impulse to blanket our public spaces and streets with video surveillance is a bad idea. The use of surveillance camera’s are un-American, troubling and out right wrong in a Democratic society. You’re doing what the Gestapo would be doing and telling us it’s for our own safety and benefit. You are setting a bad precedent within the town with your backwards thinking.
    Video surveillance has not been proven effective. CCTV is susceptible to abuse because there are no limits or controls on cameras use.Video surveillance will have a chilling effect on our public life.
    Its benefits — preventing at most a few street crimes, and probably none — are disproportionately small, as per ACLU.
    How would you like a video surveillance on your street looking at your house? That’s where you’re heading with this.
    People, please voice your opposition to this using logic, not fear. We’re already living in a semi-police state that has debilitated and eroded our inalienable rights as United States citizens..
    My taxes already pay for police to do a job. “To Protect and Serve”. I suggest to you, Ray(and all your like-minded thinkers) to tell them to do their job, and WHY NOT?

  • carl have you not seen on the news lately how many rapists & thugs have been identified and or captured through out different towns and cities around the nation because of surveillance in public areas (not looking in one’s house) The police do their job but one can’t be everywhere at all times, these cameras purpose is to protect the public not peep in their homes, they will focus at the parking lot and the dock( which has been vandalized twice, and that’s your tax dollars getting vandalized ) and towards the businesses. lets not make this political because its not, and shame on you labeling Ray as gestapo. are you also reffering to our president of the united states as gestapo and un american ,because his administration has implemeted more government and survillance than any other u.s president. carl, rember J.F.K’S legendary quote “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. so i say to you, ask not what riverhead can do for you ask what YOU can to for riverhead and you should proud of the entire police force in America because if you want comparison look at places like china & libya

  • Et ‘al. What I will do for my country and Riverhead; I will try my best to prevent you, Obama, Bush, Cheney and Ray et ‘al from infringing upon The Peoples Rights. The Bill of Rights, that our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the United States Constitution and WHY NOT?

  • Since Riverhead has so much money to spend,purchase red light cameras instead.They will produce income for the town.That would be an investment instead of an expenditure.But then again,they would have to do a major study before any installations.

  • Since Riverhead has so much money to spend,purchase red light cameras instead.They will produce income for the town.That would be an investment instead of an expenditure.But then again,they would have to do a major study before any installations.

  • Monitoring systems use very large, it can assist the security camera systemand external environment for the community and the community to do on-site real-time monitoring regional dignitaries.

  • As a business person in the downtown area and practically living in the parking lot, I am very happy with the surveillance cameras. As you are safely asleep in your beds at two in the morning, I hear the noises and people up at that hour. I pay BID taxes and welcome any help in keeping our Riverfront and parking lots safe at all hours.

  • it would make for great reality t.v.

  • you are very evident in the lack of information, here it is again purhased by the businesses
    (not the town) through their park district taxes, this is not for generating income or to fleece someone with red light ticket, is solely intended for crime prevention.

  • what the hell does all this have to do with crime preventing security cameras ? man, your issues
    go deeper then that, obama bush & ray? your trying to mix oil and water here bud.

  • While I can understand you having both a business and a residence on the river how can you possible agree to suveillance camera installation covering a very large public area installed by anyone but law enforcement? Since when does a business owner or any other civilian get to install and monitor video cameras installed in a highly poplulate large public area? …This is insanity and I can’t believe the Chief of Police would go along with this….Any and all suveillance cameras installed to monitor PUBLIC areas should only be installed and MONITORED by law enforcement…..Not by civilians…..I am sure you know that many females on their lunch hour enjoy eating at the riverfront during the warmer months and now you are agreeing to having a a civilian such as Ray Pickersgill or any other civilian have cameras trained on them and have access to the video for 30 days? Think about that….I repeat once again…..surveillance cameras covering any wide public area should not be allowed to be installed or monitored by Ray Pickersgill or any other civilian but only by law enforcement.

  • Profiling, voyeurism, false security, illegal activity, are what come to mind.

  • Newspapers are obsolete,and a waste of trees.

  • I like the paper — but the online version seems to keep changing – making it difficult to find items. where, for example, is the Community Calendar of Events, and Special Events listing? I also like a page for Yard Sales.

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