Calverton column: Riley doings and asparagus

I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. Mother Nature (the real mom in charge) gave us some great weather. I hope everyone had the chance to get outside and bask in the sunshine.

Members of the Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps will be visiting Riley Avenue Elementary School to show the students the workings of an ambulance and its crew. First aid will also be discussed. Since the school just received a visit by members of Riverhead Fire Department, this will be the icing on the cake. We thank you all so much.

Let’s not forget Riley’s fourth-grade concert on May 16 at 7 p.m. at the high school. Come hear their wonderful songs that they’ve been practicing so hard. They’re a great group. The very next day is the school budget vote, also at the high school, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the gymnasium.

Can you believe that field day at Riley is almost upon us? I will have the schedule of the times and dates by grade for you next week. Kindergarten orientation at Riley will be held on June 9, when the “little ones” get to see their “big school” for the very first time. Birthdays at Riley include: Ray Cardinal Jr., custodian, will celebrate his 41st on May 14. Have a great day, Ray. Go fishin’ or something, but make it a fun day.

Riley will be hosting an artist-in-residence the week of May 16 — Esther Tollen and her workshop “Artistry in Ceramic Tile: Murals in the Making.” Students will learn about the history of ceramic mosaics and create a mosaic mural, which will be on permanent display around the main office.

Happy birthday to my co-worker Kerin Orlowski who celebrated on May 10. From all of us at Dr. Bach’s, your two beautiful children, Cormac and Cayleigh, your husband, Steve (an amazing husband and dad), and all your family and friends, we love you, Kerin, and hope you had a perfect day!

So, tomorrow is Friday the 13th. When did this “fun” day originate? Well, the number 13 generally has always been feared, and Fridays are thought to be unlucky, the unluckiest day of the week in fact. For instance, dating way back and still to this day, some ships won’t sail on a Friday. Accidents are plentiful on this day, executions were done in ancient Rome on Fridays, and it was said Eve gave Adam that famous apple on a Friday. It is also believed that Adam and Eve also died on a Friday. So put it all together, and you have a pretty spooky day — if you believe!

Eat your asparagus, it won’t be here forever. As a matter of fact, when the weather gets hot it will be gone. Try cooking it in a large frying pan with a little water to steam it. You won’t have to worry about standing it up and it cooks great that way. Or, cut it in pieces, put it on a cookie sheet with lots of fresh garlic and olive oil and put it in the oven. The smell alone will have you smiling.

That is all for this week. Take care, be safe and I shall talk to you next time. Bye.