Cardinale will top Dems’ ticket; Williams and Van Glad tapped for Town Board

05/17/2011 6:04 AM |

VERA CHINESE PHOTO | Former Riverhead Town Supervisor Phil Cardinale (right) has received the Democratic nod for supervisor. Matt Van Glad (left) received the Democratic nod for one of two seats on the Town Board.

Former Riverhead supervisor Phil Cardinale is planning a comeback — and he has the support of town Democrats.

The Riverhead Democratic Committee nominated Mr. Cardinale, who lost a re-election bid in 2009 to current Supervisor Sean Walter, at its convention in Wading River Monday night. He will be joined on the ticket by Town Board candidates Matthew Van Glad, 39, and Marlando Williams, 49.
Mr. Cardinale, 62, previously served three terms as supervisor after first being elected by just 49 votes in 2003.

He was defeated in a close 2009 election that saw Mr. Walter secure just a 249-vote advantage.

Mr. Cardinale, who said Monday he was “doing the work of the people” and did not have sufficient time to campaign in 2009, was critical of his successor in his acceptance address to the committee. He blasted Mr. Walter for calling the town’s master plan “a load of crap,” for dismissing polo and Indian gaming proposals at EPCAL and for working as an attorney while supervisor.

“I said [after I was defeated in 2009], ‘Sean, prepare to be a servant,’” Mr. Cardinale said describing a minutes-long meeting between the two when Mr. Cardinale conceded on election night. “He has not adjusted well to that practical reality.”

“He thinks he is master to the public,” he later said in an interview inside The Pizza Pie restaurant, where the convention was held.

Mr. Van Glad and Mr. Williams edged out Ron Hariri in a floor vote to earn the two Town Board nominations.

Mr. Hariri, a vocal critic of Supervisor Sean Walter and formerly of Mr. Cardinale, had announced more than a month ago his intent to run for supervisor before telling party officials Sunday — specifically, former chairman Butch Langhorn, who had been prepared to support Mr. Hariri — he would instead seek a council seat at the convention.

But the NYC attorney who lives in Aquebogue was the odd man out after Mr. Van Glad, a Democratic committeeman from Riverhead, received a nomination from the floor.

Mr. Van Glad, a fuel oil deliveryman who said he is also an artist, had briefly announced from the convention floor his intent to run for supervisor, but instead he bowed out in favor of Mr. Cardinale. The convention recessed for about 20 minutes as Mr. Cardinale and Mr. Van Glad met to discuss Mr. Van Glad’s instead seeking a council nomination.

Mr. Williams is a former State Trooper from Calverton. He was the top vote-getter among the three men who were seeking town council nominations. Mr. Williams received 4,341.5 gubernatorial votes to Mr. Van Glad’s 3,519.5 and Mr. Hariri’s 912.5.

(Committee members in each election district represent a certain of number of votes based on the number of people from the district who voted in the last election for state governor.)

Mr. Hariri, who had recently changed his registration from Republican to Democrat, was later asked by party leaders to consider running for one of the two open town assessor spots or for town justice. Robert Svoboda of Wading River may also seek one of those two seats, the nominations for which were left open.

Receiving the nomination to run for Town Clerk was incumbent Diane Wilhelm.

Evan Philcox, a solar panel installer for Go Solar and a lacrosse coach, was selected to run for town assessor. He told the committee his technical experience and strong math background make him a good candidate.

Greg Fischer of Calverton and Bob Olson of Riverhead, who screened for Town Board seats, told the News-Review on Friday they would try to wage primaries if they weren’t nominated. They did not appear to be in attendance at the event.

Mr. Cardinale told the News-Review he first started thinking of seeking office again after he learned Mr. Walter kept working as a real estate lawyer after he had been elected supervisor. “We need a full-time supervisor,” he said.

Mr. Walter has defended the practice, saying he still works more than full-time hours doing town business.

When the sitting supervisor was later asked for his take on the Democratic slate — and on what news he had heard out of the convention — he said, “Sequels are seldom better than the original, and I don’t see this sequel going anywhere. The real question is, what about him has changed to cause him to manage the town any different than he did for the six years he was in office?”

Mr. Walter also said Mr. Cardinale’s speech before the Democratic committee focused more on personal attacks than it did on any specific plans, and that Mr. Cardinale showed a lack of leadership by abstaining from voting on the town council nominations.

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  • Here we go again. Is there no one new from either the Republican or Democratic party? How about some one who is independent? We need a new vision for the Town of Riverhead.

  • Phil, I hoped you learned something when you lost the last election. It pains me as a Republican to vote for you, but Sean is the worst Supervisor I have seen. Good luck!

  • Walter v. Cardinale II is what it is. It is the low hanging fruit of the parties and the parties are the UNIONS for the incumbents and status quo.

    Would you really vote for a supervisor of vision and leadership?
    Would you take a chance if it meant a possibly better life for your children and grandchildren?

    IMAGINE, private launches from EPCAL:

    Greg Fischer
    [email protected]

  • First of all it is fantastic to see that negative blowhard Ron Harari be defeated! Ron, you got 900 votes out of 5,000 cast? Good job!

    Second, Phil Cardinale? Are you kidding me? Mr. Landfill. Mr. Empty Downtown? Mr. Unbalanced budget? Mr. Phony deals at EPCAL? Mr. Never preserved land? Mr. Arrogance? Mr. Brought us Rothaar? Mr. Wilpon? Mr. Rechler? Mr. Ski Mountain? Mr. I believe in Ethics but never filed my Ethics form? Mr. I run my law office out of town hall? Mr. I hate town employees?

    It is going to be fun to watch your rather huge butt be kicked again.

    By the way, want the key to Phil? He said “I will only run if I have a great slate and party unity”! Well he has a weak slate of nobodies and a primary is awaiting. Wake up folks, it is all about Phil and his enormous ego, it isn’t about anything he says.

  • …and the News Review will endorse Phil Cardinale (again), and the rest of the Dem slate with the exception of one token Republican to try and make it appear that thoughtful consideration was given to their endorsements, rather than acting as a propoganda arm of the party.

  • It pains me to hear that someone who claims to be a Republican would consider voting for a Republican who became a ? Democrat ? …. This person who wants to reclaim the Supervisors spot may have brought some money to the town by encouraging phony entrepreneurs to build a Ski Mountain, but that’s all he ever did in the four years that he was a supervisor. Walter is trying his best to bring real results but he gets nothing but hateful comments. He is doing what most of the silent majority wants done in the Town of Riverhead.

  • If this is Sean’s best, then it just justifies your observations about hateful comments. Why is that? What real results?? The silent majority wants a dictator that is hated by his own party members on the board, and threatens them to get his own way? They want a Supervisor that fully supports the current Financial Administrator who has run this town into the ground? Sean couldn’t take the check fast enough from those “phony entrepreneurs”, until he found out it was as phony as him. Most of the current projects you reference were started before Sean took office, so consider that fact. (even though he always takes credit and still blames Phil for everything) Like him or not, at least Phil was transparent, and did not try and do everything behind the scenes like this administration. Yes, I’ll vote for Phil with a clear conciousness given the alternative.

  • Oh my! This is gonna prove interesting. Take a deep breath folks, silly-time in Riverhead politics is upon us. We can and should make our voices heard. But please, let’s try and keep it civil this time around.

    So, I add my voice: I, for one, am delighted to have Phil board again.

  • the circus’s coming to town again but nothing has changed nor did the people ! the dems are recycling phil like the GOP recycled stark 4 yrs ago> did anyone in this TOWN or party leaders learned anything @all ! apparently not ! thought they’ve graduated from *8th grade & moved on to high school or @ least get their G.E.D. BY NOW but then what else is new & exciting !

  • congrats to Matt Van Glad!!! we are behind you 110% lets make Riverhead a better place for everone!!!

  • WHOOOAAA !!!! he didn’t bring ANYTHING, he turned DOWN a certified bank check for 100,000,000 million dollars from Rex Corp, so he could make 10 people happy that epcal would AGAIN not be a profitable entity for the town. . ..

    He chose RR because he knew as we did they DID NOT have the money. . . FACT.

    Anyone voting for this clown, well, you’re a jerk off, plain and simple and you deserve another 10 million short fall and lose another 30 jobs. . . .

    The democratic committee proved to show their lack of intelligence by nominating phil. . .

  • Another brilliant mind, i’ll bet you’ll like another 10 million short fall too. ..

  • The intelligence on this island is absolutely astounding!!!

    So you think launching rockets is going to bring back jobs. .

    Pay attention, ever been to that area, happen to ever take notice of how many hundreds of thousands of acres of nothing is around there.

    Take 5 hours to think of why that is. . . .

    When the rocket f***’s up a mile up it comes down 10 miles over, guesss we could get lucky and that high tech thought could be your bathroom while you occupy it.

    Another brilliant mind.

    Motorsports will bring all the tech you need, and engineering, and fluid dynamics, and jobs, ,money and college courses.

    small minds can’t seem to understand how this can be.

  • This supervisor is the least accessible and citizen friendly of all supervisors over the past 25 years. This is what people get when they blanket vote out people because they’re one party, and sweep in another party regardless of whether or not the candidate is the right one. Walter and Giglio are both a couple of stiff phonies. The majority of the board is completely inacessible on a personal level, those who are are simply ineffectual. We need another sweep of the town board. Why they would nominate someone who clearly lost, and who was not able to achieve anything for the town himself is beyond me, but at this point I just want this board OUT OF THERE.

  • You make no sense. You think a bunch of people driving cars in a circle with a beer in your hand is the end all and be all? You’re easily entertained. “You think launching rockets is going to bring back jobs” . What a neanderthal, ignorant statement that is. Technological jobs are superior to hot dog selling-ticket taking-beer swilling-pollution and noise spewing motorsports, yes. Are you a town employee?

  • Based on your comments, you would be a good authority on that.

  • who is this guy?You might be Glad for Glad but I need more about him..Like what exactly are the issues he is running for..Please let another Dem in on this….

  • You are clueless and your comments prove that you are most certain a brainless,elitist, Bigot. Do some research on motorsports it’s not Just NASCAR U DIK! There are all kinds of different MotorSports your’e just a know it all douche that’s too stupid to GOOGLE motorsports and READ factual i nformation. hot dog n beer, but also try wine and a 5 star meal at a motorsports resort u dik! I got a rocket for you and I know just where to stick it! But I like rockets so I would spare it from your dumb ass.

  • Yes, we do need more waiter/waitress and busboy jobs. . . . .You have quite a mouth for “royalty”, LOL.

  • I’m no fan of Phil, but he was only one vote on the board. Sean… are you kidding?? Mr. The town employees hate me? Mr. I’m to busy to respond to emails? Mr. I’ll gladly take the check from Riverhead Resorts? Mr. All I’ve done is bring cars to downtown? Mr. Flying blind on the budget? Mr. I won’t fire Rothaar my friend, but will hire more people to do his job instead? Mr. I’m even hated by my own party? Mr. Can’t take a position on anything? Yeah, he’s a much better choice…..

  • He don’t even live in Riverhead….

  • There you go again proving my point, stereotyping. According to you Motorsports brings hot dogs, beer and low wage jobs or peasant people, and royalty is above speaking fowl, but back in medieval times when you slandered the royal family you would get an axe through your cranium, but that’s o.k. so which would you prefer? an AXE to the cranium or some fowl word’s? You like to put everything in a nice little box that is your world by stereotyping all who are into motorsports, yet your opinions are just that opinions ( uneducated, factless opinions) but your simple minded opinions. Don’t tell me how royalty is supposed to act or would you like to put your head on the theoretical executioners chopping block again.

  • Oh come now … this is so hilarious and ridiculous. I’ve been reading your comments and they are great and to the point. However, have any one of you see the real point of why Phil Cardinale is running again??? Just look at the female standing very close to him at his left side. He voted her in as the Town Clerk. Do I need to make my point any clearer???

  • The entire RIVERHEAD town board and all the civic groups , are corrupt, self serving and country bumpkin arse backwards, shysters the whole lot of em! That’s why downtown is empty store fronts, riddled with crack addicts, illegals, prostitutes. Most developers want nothing to do with Riverhead because of the political bumbling, these characters couldn’t negotiate their way out of a paper bag much less run a successful thriving eye appealing and profitable town. Like Jack Nicholson said in Bat Man.. “This town needs an enema” FLUSH!

  • Riverhead is back on top and in great shape now that CARDINALE and WILHELM are the leaders of the RATPACK TEAM! Treat Dee Wilhelm good Phil Cardinale and she’ll REWARD you over, and over, and over … I L*O*V*E Y*O*U DEE.

  • Phil Cardinale is nothing but a two-timing liar. He was AWFUL as town supervisor! And that’s an understatment of the century. He was sooooooo awuful that he placed on all Riverhead Town tennis courts this silly material over the hard courts. The material is soooo awful that I feel like I’m going to slip and fall and hit my head on the material. I guess Phil doesn’t have any class when it comes to tennis. But then again he’s so robust enough to be a gardener (actually he should consider becoming a gardner and give up becoming town supervisor. He’d probably be better at gardening than he is running this town and he should take DIANE WILHELM WITH HIM TO BECOME A GARDNER ALONG HIS SIDE!!!). On a scale of one to ten about how good Phil was at running this town. A negative one trillion. He’s a bloody fool! This town isn’t even elite nor do we have tons of clay or grass tennis courts! As an avid tennis player, I can say one thing about Phil Cardinale in one sentence: He’s a bloody fool and talks nothing about Rubbish!!!!!!!!! 🙁 He and Diane Wilhelm are not what they’re cracked up to be!! PHIL, MARRY DIANE ALREADY AND MAKE AN HONEST MAN AND WOMAN OUT OF THE BOTH OF YOU. WE ALL KNOW HOW DIANE WAS SMILING AND BLUSHING AND STANDING VERY CLOSE NEXT TO YOU! YOU TWO LOOKED VERY,VERY, VERY COZY AND COMFORTABLE. YOU WERE EVEN BLUSHING. WOULDN’T IT BE SOMETHING IF YOU AND DIANE HAD A FULL-BLOWN DING-DONG!! THAT’S ALL. MY WORK HERE IS DONE, DONE, DONE, AND DONE!!!

  • This group needs more than an ENEMA. HOW ABOUT “SHOCK-TREATMENTS” like the psych patients receive. The whole RATPACK is talking RUBBISH and collecting their paychecks in the thousands by us poor taxpayers. They all need to be AXED!!!

  • Keep in mind people that if something should happen to our Town Supervisor, for example, DEATH, I believe the Town Clerk, Diane Wilhelm, assumes his position. Think twice people. She’s one of Cardinale’s cronies who was voted in by Cardinale’s Democratic Town Board with the exception of Wooten and Dunleavy who spoke up that the position is an elected one by the citizens (people) of the Town of Riverhead. Just take a REAL CLOSE LOOK at the picture and how COZY AND COMFORTABLE the two of them are. Beware of the blushing faces!!! You people better wake up really quickly … or the citizens of Riverhead won’t be BEST SERVED. And that is a bitter pill that will be served on a “GOLDEN PLATTER” to everyone in this town. I’m done. I have spoken my piece.

  • All this posting on this site is all well and wonderful, however, this won’t get the job done. An independent party needs to be compiled and step-up to the plate to take control and solve the issues that plague the Town of Riverhead. We, the people, of the Town of Riverhead have the power to change the way the town is run. Voting over and over again for the same old YAHOOS is creating a REPEATING VICIOUS CYCLE. The bizarre results will be going on for years because of the citizens of the Town of Riverhead are allowing it since they have children who will step in and take over. SO CHANGE THE OUTCOME ALREADY IN STEAD OF COMPLAINING ABOUT IT!!!!

  • Phil Cardinale again?>! Diane “Golden Girl” Wilhelm back together again! How sweet and wonderful! Who are these other dummies? Never heard of them! Where did they come from? Cardinale and Wilhelm dug them up from the grave yard. This is ridiculous! What a sight for sore eyes! Time for a REALLY BIG CHANGE. Get these BLOWHARDS out-of-here. Their gaseous fumes are nauseating!!! Most likely the citizens of Riverhead will vote them in. Too bad. This is what gives Riverhead a bad name: CARDINALE and WILHELM!! I’m not VON GLAD at all!

  • I have only this to say: GOLD-DIGGERS! Don’t vote for anyone of these cookoo birds! That girl named Wilhelm certainly looks like she’s got a “thing” for Cardinale. Cardinale has a “thing” for the Wilhelm girl. And this is the group to run our town of Riverhead. Who are the other guys?????

  • Ringling, Barnum, and Bailey circus owners deported these clowns over to Riverhead.

  • OH MY … who do we have here: Batman (Cardinale), Joker (Wilhelm), Robin (Von Glad). JUMPIN’ JEHOVAHS … GOTHAM CITY’S FINEST!!!



  • I must be having a NIGHTMARE. Wake me up when its over.

  • What Cardinale’s team knows how to do best is WRAP THEIR TENTACLES around each and every one of the voters of Riverhead.

  • well if you cant spell thier names right, must mean you havent taking the time to hear what they have to say….

  • well if you cant spell thier names right, must mean you havent taking the time to hear what they have to say….

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