Update: Police identify motorcyclist killed in Route 58 crash

05/21/2011 9:35 AM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Traffic flares lay on the sidewalk at the scene of Thursday's fatal crash.

A 37-year-old motorcyclist who had just moved to Riverhead from Rocky Point was killed last Thursday night after striking an SUV at the intersection of Route 58 and Kroemer Avenue in Riverhead, authorities said.

The biker, identified as Matthew Carr, was headed east on Route 58 shortly after 9 p.m. when he crashed head-on into a westbound 2000 Jeep whose driver, Gregory Stanisci, 19, was attempting to make a left turn onto Kroemer Avenue, Riverhead police said.
Mr. Carr was thrown from the motorcycle and landed on a Honda sedan driven by 29-year-old Ryan Foley of Aquebogue, who was stopped at the intersection, according to police. Mr. Carr was attended to by Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance workers and transported to Peconic Bay Medical Center, where he died.

No other injuries were reported.

Mr. Stanisci was arrested at the scene on an aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle charge due to an insurance lapse, police said. Mr. Stanisci, who was not faulted in the crash, was processed at police headquarters and released without bail.
Police said Mr. Carr “failed to yield to the right of way, running a red light,” according to a preliminary investigation.

The accident happened right in front of the Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill restaurant just as dinner service was starting to wind down, though none of the staff there witnessed the crash, said hostess Jill Fernandez.

“We saw it afterward; we were all working at the time,” she said. “There was just cops and ambulances and those torches in the ground.”

No workers had even heard the collision, she added.

Riverhead Police Chief David Hegermiller said the traffic light at the intersection was functioning properly at the time of the crash, though he said he would ask county Department of Public Works or town engineering department personnel to check the light, “because they’re the experts.”

Detectives did monitor the traffic signals for quite some time while investigating the scene, Chief Hegermiller said.
Police are still investigating and are asking anyone with information to call 727-4500, ext. 327.

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  • Sometimes people confuse small minded with thinking small. Who are you to say what works (maybe works, who really knows) in the Town of Southold or upstate NY, will be what is best for the incorporated village? Village and Town code differ for a lot of reasons, density and proximity to a neighbor being one of them. Why do you think your derogatory remark toward the VB and people with an opposing opinion is more valid than the facts. It’s people like you and the B&B owners who look down on their neighbors, for disagreeing with an idea of what’s best for Greenport… who are being selfishly small minded.

  • Of course and why not ?! People on the NOFO are so afraid of any kind of progress. If the locals didn’t want that to happen perhaps we should have kept the transients from moving here.

  • You really need to proceed with caution, yes Greenport Village is a tourist area but just as is today it’s busting at the seams. Traffic and more vehicles will certainly make a difference. All B&B’s are supposed to provide parking for the amount of rooms they have so three rooms three spaces, this may work when in fact all guests use the parking area which by the way is rare. I have seen one B&B where most of the guests brought their own vehicles for what ever reason so now it’s up to five and six cars and another two rooms very simple math here. If there are ten B&B’s in the Village and an additional two rooms could add twenty cars with the others having a maximum number of cars thats fifty more cars in the village, that’s a lot of space which the village doesn’t have. Others issues were also brought up about some not being able to make enough money with three rooms well folks that’s not my problem or any other neighbors in the village. If a business in the business district can’t sustain itself well they close, I don’t think it’s up to the residents or Village board to continue to recreate a B&B so they could make more money.

  • “Mr. Miller said their home is very large and their children are grown and gone.”
    Not our problem, do what most do when the nest is empty, size down. Why should the whole neighborhood be impacted by your need to fill you big house and your pocket book.
    Your daughter must not have spent much time in that house if she doesn’t understand the “animosity!” KARMA, enough said!