Calverton: Field trips & “Hip Pickles” at Riley

Happy June! And with June comes strawberries! Yes, indeed, there are a few around, with lots more on the way. Just remember, Mother Nature controls these tasty berries, therefore you need to keep an eye on the weather. If it gets really hot or rainy, they won’t last long. But if the temperature is 70ish we’ll get a nice long stretch of berries. Enjoy!

Mother Nature cooperated with Riley Avenue Elementary School with very nice weather for the field days. Everyone had a great time.

Now onto the remainder of the school year. There are lots of field trips in store for the students at Riley, with Jamesport Beach being a very popular destination for many of the classes. Southaven Park is another fun place the children will go to during this warm weather. The big shots, the fourth-graders, will visit a science museum in New York City on June 16. This is their big trip, as they are leaving Riley to attend other schools.

The students and staff will attend an assembly called “Hip Pickles,” which should be a lot of fun, and Mrs. Gaare will soon be presenting her fascinating, highly anticipated annual wax museum, at which her students dress up as historic figures and remain still, like wax figures, for all the school to see. Good luck, everyone. Mr. Maguire’s fourth-grade concert was, as usual, a huge success. The children performed beautifully. Great job! The annual Flag Day parade will be held on June 14, which will be Mrs. Dorman’s last, as she is retiring. We will miss you so!

The Riverhead Crew Team deserves congratulations, as they went up to Saratoga Springs and competed in a regatta. The best of luck to all of you in this relatively new sport for Riverhead.

Do you have peonies? If you do, you might notice ants on your buds. Relax, it’s fine. It is believed that peonies have nectar on the buds, which the ants like. Another theory is that the ants help the buds to open, so by all means, leave them alone. Once the flowers open, the ants will leave.

Congratulations to Jake Mauro, who received his confirmation recently, from all your family and friends. Great job, Jake.

That is all for this short week. I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend, as the unofficial beginning of summer has now kicked in. I’m so ready. Be safe, take care and I shall talk to you soon. Bye.