Shoreham-Wading River: Music in the air at SWR

Not only is May the time of year when many of nature’s prettiest and most wondrously colored flowers are revealed, but it is also an appropriate time to feature some really outstanding students of music as well.

The remarkable sounds of the Shoreham-Wading River High School music department filled the air at the spring concert on May 25.

The concert choir, directed by Dennis Creighton and accompanied by Sandy Fayette, performed five notable pieces that featured two groups of soloists — Nick Franze, Sarah Pluta, Haylie Kinsler, Laura Lee, Eric Lopez and Emily Godfrey on “Any Way You Want It” and Juliana Mazzone, Rachel Hunter, Ben Sevilla, Kerri Beacon, Raeanne Mariella, Emily Godfrey, Taylor Burgess, Isabelle Marcelin and Haylie Kinsler on “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

David Minelli’s concert band played four selections and French horn soloist Melaina Badalian demonstrated her absolute command over and passion for her instrument. Not only was Melaina showered with bouquets of flowers, but this talented young lady received a standing ovation as well.

David Minelli spoke of all of the music students whose directors see them each day for all of their four years in high school. “They come in as boys and girls, training at various levels of musical accomplishment, but leave quite proficient young men and women, ready to face the world,” he said. The concert band had to say good-bye to 20 graduating seniors this year.

Steven Fayette’s symphony orchestra performed four selections that included a John Cage piece called 4’33” that the notable composer wrote as a comment on silence. The point of the piece, which lasts 4 minutes and 33 seconds, is that there is no such thing as silence. On “Symphonie Espagnole for Violin and Orchestra, Op.21” by Edouard Lalo, Rachel Syzmanski was the featured violin soloist. I’m still sighing over how she made her instrument sing — truly unbelievable.

The concert mistress was Abigail Fayette and principal players were Christian Perricone, Kristofer Barr, Rosario Terracina, Michael Mazzola, Nicole Caligiuri, Melissa McDonald, Daniel Beacon, Melaina Badalian, Kyle McElhone, Michael Sanders and Kristopher Miller.

What a lovely night of music. Thank you to all the graduating seniors for the years of “service in song” that you gave us, gracing the stage of SWR High School.