Letters to the Editor


The man who conquered the flood

For years the people who live on Priscilla Avenue in Flanders have suffered with a flood that spans the length of more than six houses when it rains. People would drive across my neighbor’s lawn to avoid the water. Many got stuck, not realizing how deep it was. One driver continually beeped his horn at 2 a.m. for help.
Our woodchips and grass seed washed away. Debris was left behind when the water finally absorbed into the ground. In the winter, the ice mess was unbelievable; once my car tires froze in my driveway. The undercarriage of my SUV rusted and it cost me twice as much to have brakes replaced because they were rusted on. My neighbors suffered the same problems. We complained to the highway department constantly, but nothing was ever done until I took pictures of the “lake” in all its glory and sent them along with a petition to former Southampton Town supervisor Skip Heaney. Finally, someone responded. He came to my house with Mr. Masterson, who was the highway superintendent at the time. He promised to address the issue and he did.
Unfortunately, the drains that were installed weren’t enough and after a short time, the flooding began again. We started the same routine — call after call to the highway department — with no results.
When Alex Gregor was running for highway superintendent, he came door to door to introduce himself. I remember thinking, “Are you going to be sorry you stopped here!” I brought out my pictures and told him the whole story. He promised that he would look into it. Still, I didn’t have much hope.
Shortly after he was elected, highway crews installed more drains and cleaned out the old ones. I think the Priscilla Avenue flood is finally conquered thanks to Mr. Gregor. Obviously, he’s a man who keeps his promise and I, along with my neighbors, would like to thank him.

AnnMarie Fisher


Restrooms refurbish

I was wondering why it will cost Riverhead Town $60,000 to refurbish the Main Street restrooms. They have been used only for storage for the last 20 years, or since the last flush. Did the refurbishing job go out for bid? Couldn’t some contractor do the job for $55,000.00? I hope they purchase the paint from a local hardware store; that would be appropriate.

Jim Dreeben


Brookhaven GOP active all elections

I want to thank Nikko Lavey for last week’s letter (“Brookhaven GOP should do homework,” May 26), in which the commitment of the Brookhaven Town Republican Committee and my chairmanship to improve the voter participation in all elections — especially those elections like universal school board and budget day, where more than 60 to 65 percent of the average property tax bill is determined by referendum ­— was acknowledged.
As you might be aware, the Brookhaven Republican Party has made a concerted effort to advise and educate voters on all election days on the importance of their vote; as well as the importance of ensuring we elect to positions of authority individuals who are committed to lower taxes, smaller government and a strong education for our children.
Since the first days of my election in March 2007, I made a commitment as chairman to not stop at electing Republicans to town, county, state and federal offices. Far too much taxpayers money is spent on other special districts such as school, library, villages, fire and ambulance. I will not shy away or back down from assisting in the election of members or friends of the committee, who express the courage to stand for election in any of these special district elections.
I would like to take a moment to correct a number of inaccurate assertions made in last week’s letter about our Shoreham-Wading River school board endorsements:
The recommendations for support in a special district election come from the committee members representing the individual school districts. The Brookhaven Town Republican Committee is not a “top-down organization” but rather a committee member-driven party. The committee members, executive board and the town party’s executive committee have given the permission and actively seek out GOP headquarters to market and publicize their candidacy in special district elections. Committee members as late as Monday, May 16, continued to add candidates to the list of those supported by the committee on various platforms, including Facebook.
I know that perhaps Nikko Lavey — who I should point out is not a member of the Brookhaven Republican Committee or even a resident of the Town of Brookhaven — might not necessarily agree with the candidates supported by the committee, and I wholeheartedly respect his position. In no way can an effort to increase voter participation in the election process be considered turning a blind eye. Sitting on the sidelines during critical elections in my estimation would be negligent and apathetic, and a dereliction of the party’s duty and responsibility to the taxpayers.

Jesse Garcia

chairman, Brookhaven Town Republican Committee


Continue to pray for Michael Hubbard

On Saturday night our family suffered a tragic accident. My nephew, Michael Hubbard, suffered third-degree burns over 40 percent of his body and his mom, my sister, Nancy Reyer, received first- and second-degree burns to her hand and arm. Michael is in the Pediatric ICU at Stony Brook Hospital, where he is being treated, and his mom is sitting by his side.
On behalf of them we would like to thank the Rev. Jerry Halpin and Mrs. Halpin, our neighbors, for their quick response in helping Michael. We would also like to thank the quick response of Riverhead Ambulance, Riverhead Town Police and Riverhead Fire Department members.
Our niece, Carmen Reyer, has set up a website for the up-to-date medical care Michael is receiving and, with the help of Denise Civiletti, you can go to RiverheadLocal.com and find all the links.
The community response has been overwhelming and we are thankful. Thank you to all of our friends, and Long Island Ice and Fuel, that have already given us money for Nancy. Please keep Michael in your prayers.

Curtis and Fran (Reyer) Johnson