Northampton landlord cited for overcrowded house

A Northampton house Tuesday became the latest target in a series of raids on overcrowded houses by Southampton Town code enforcers, Southampton Town officials said.

Investigators said 11 people were living in the three-bedroom house, located at 9 Pine Court, with four people sleeping in just one basement bedroom. The basement had also been converted into an apartment without proper permits, and the home did not have any of the eight required smoke detectors or a carbon monoxide detector, according to chief  town investigator David Betts.

“The purpose of the code’s safety provisions is to prevent fires, alert occupants to a hazard, and facilitate easy evacuation,” Mr. Betts said, adding that the department had found prior violations on the property.

He said there were also cockroaches, exposed wiring and extension cords used in place of permanent wiring, as well as excessive parked vehicles. The house’s owner, listed as Julio Cruz, faces 32 violations.

The Pine Court house was at least the fifth Southampton authorities have raided in the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton hamlets in 2011, according to previous reports.

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