Video: Mother of 14-year-old burn victim appears on Good Morning America

06/13/2011 9:16 AM |

The case of 14-year-old Michael Hubbard, who was severely burned in a candle gel explosion last month, continues to get national attention as Michael’s mother Nancy Reyer and aunt Fran Reyer-Johnson appeared on Good Morning America this morning.

The candle’s manufacturer Napa Home & Garden said it pulled the products from the stores of its retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond after inquiries from The New York Times.

But what was perhaps most alarming about the GMA report was that the product, Fireburners ceramic pot and Firegel fuel could still be found on shelves in Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in Maryland.

“To me it’s gasoline in a can. It’s very dangerous … We need to take it off the market … it’s a lethal weapon,” Ms. Reyer told GMA.

Updates on Michael are available on his blog at



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  • This is too dangerous to be sold to the public. Lethal when you take into consideration , the vapor is invisible – fooling you into thinking it needs a refill. It’s alarming to see the severe burns that occur from this gel explosion. I can’t imagine anyone putting themselves at risk for a little ambiance. It needs to be taken off the market or come up with a safer design.