Calverton: a memorial golf outing; help for burn victim

The days are numbered in our district for the 2010-11 school year. Some of the lucky older students are done, except for finals. Riley students have a little more than a week to go. As you might imagine, they’re not into learning all that much this time of year. But hey, they deserve to be a little spunky as the school year draws to a close. Next week I will have the list of retirees, whom we shall miss very much.

I’m sure a lot of you remember John Mendreski. Prior to his recent passing he was principal at Pulaski Street School for many years. A memorial golf outing in his name will be held Monday, June 27, at The Woods at Cherry Creek. All proceeds will go toward a scholarship in this much-loved gentleman’s name. If you manage to make a hole in one, one of the five prizes includes a lease of a Buick Regal. Makes you want to take up golf, eh? For more details see the Coming Up section. Do go, and take the day off — I said it’s OK.

All of us at Dr. Bach’s office are saddened by the news of one of our truly wonderful patients. Michael Hubbard was badly burned recently. He is at Stony Brook Hospital. We can all help this great kid by getting our car or truck washed by the Riverhead Girl Scouts at the Chase Bank in front of Walmart on Sundays, June 19 and 26, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cost is only $5 and all the proceeds will go to assist Michael’s family with expenses. Please feel free to contact Dr. Bach’s office at 727-2655 for more information. Thank you so much for your help!

A big get well soon to my buddy and River Road resident Gerry Meade, who recently underwent major surgery. I had no doubts that Gerry would be simply A-OK. He is just, shall we say, too determined, stubborn and set in his ways to be anything other than better than new. He will now be going home to his wonderful wife, Sue, and his best little buddy, Zach the dog, who kissed the phone and cried when Gerry called him to say hello from the hospital. All kidding aside, we are glad everything is fine, Gerry. Welcome home!

I sound like a broken record when I tell you to freeze strawberries for the winter. Don’t wash them, just pop them in a freezer bag and freeze them. You will love these tasty treats in January, or if you can’t wait, August. You must try this, it’s so easy.

A very happy Father’s Day to my dad, Paul Troyan, and to all the dads, grandpas, “dzogies,” uncles — all you guys who have taught us and helped us all grow up. We love you dearly and thank you so much. We truly appreciate your lectures, lessons, and the times you said “don’t do it this way, do it that way.” May you all have a simply perfect day.

Till next week, take care, be safe, bye.