Calverton: Some of Riley Avenue Elementary School’s finest retire

So this is it. It’s the last week of school for the students at Riley Avenue Elementary, as well as for some of Riley’s staff. A huge retirement party was held last Friday at Calverton Links for some of Riley’s finest, who will be missed dearly. Marion Hulse, the pulse of the school who has been its secretary for many years, will be leaving us. I will miss talking to you each week, Marion. I love you dearly and wish you many happy days with your family and precious puppy. Mrs. Dorman, what a wonderful woman you have been for our school. I thank you for your knowledge, your teaching, your fun, and all your dedication. To nurse Marilyn Milanaik, thanks for your comforting ways with the children. You will indeed be missed. Joanne Byrne, I love you more than you love me and these are my final words to you (just try to top this). Thanks, Joanne. You have been so precious to each child whose life you have touched with your smile.

Paul Meyer, you have been such a great guy during all these years at Riley. I remember all the Heritage Days and the preparations for different events that I and my children helped with. You’ve made the school so family-oriented. And to Jennie Miloski from pupil personnel, who is also retiring. I hope you have a wonderful time, Jennie. (I think Marion Hulse will have a hand in that.) Thank you, everyone. We will miss you but we will have our memories — and they are such good ones. God bless.

The fourth-graders had their moving-up ceremony and now it’s off to fifth grade. Good luck to all of you for a great future. Special thanks to coaches Braune, Hedges and Sanders for all the time they put into yet another fun field day. You all did a perfect job. Special recognition goes out to the children from Room 13 (Mrs. Marcucci’s class). They created a book of poems to raise money to help Japan. Great job! From everyone at Riley, a perfect summer is wished for all of you. Be safe and we shall meet again in September.

Happy 14th wedding anniversary to Jon and Jackie Olejniczak, who celebrated on June 15. They are such a perfect couple. They met many moons ago at a duck farm and basically grew up together. Last year they renewed their wedding vows. I would like to wish them many more years of happiness together. Congratulations!

There’s nothing quite like a romantic guy to make us all smile. Al Williamson, the son of Rene and Jonathan Perkins of the Cooperage Inn in Calverton, is in love with Michele Dionisio. On a very rainy day he and his dad went to Edwards Avenue Beach and spelled out in white stones letters six feet long “Will you marry me?” adorned with hydrangeas and roses from Rene’s garden. Al took Michele for a ride on the beach, where she saw this amazing token of love, and guess what? She said yes! An August 2012 wedding is planned. We wish you both all the happiness in the world. I think you both have a really perfect start.

OK, the strawberries are virtually gone. There might be a few here and there, but Mother Nature and her nasty ways rained them out. Local corn is right around the corner, so look out for it. Support your local farm stands by buying it there. You’ll not only get the freshest produce, but a smile and a thank-you!

Take care and have a great week and happy summer! Bye.