Riverhead: Recent retirees from Riverhead Central School District honored

Recent retirees from Riverhead Central School District were honored on June 21 for all their years of dedicated service. They were presented with a plaque and proclamation by Superintendent of Schools Nancy Carney, Board of Education president Ann Cotton DeGrasse, vice president Greg Meyer and trustees Kathy Berezny, Angela DeVito, Jeff Falisi, Tim Griffing and Amelia Lantz. The retirees are: Marion Dorman, 27 years of service at Roanoke and Riley schools; teacher Barbara Sinram Glanz, 20 years combined at Riverhead High and Pulaski, Riley and Roanoke schools; music teacher Lee Hanwick, 12 years at RHS; teacher Paulette Jones, 23 years combined at Pulaski and Aquebogue; nurse Marilyn Milanaik, 25 years at Riley; teacher Frank Rotenberg, 36 years at RHS; teacher aide turned teacher assistant Joanne Byrne, 26 years at Riley; teacher aide turned teacher assistant Dorothy Dillon, 30 years in the district; teacher aide turned teacher assistant Cheryl Janlewicz, 29 years; teacher aide/teacher assistant Patricia Kurpetski, 27 years at RHS and Aquebogue; Linda Brunke, 20 years’ service in the district office, first working in the payroll department, then as employee benefits supervisor; Jennie Miloski, 31 years’ service in the district as an aide, clerk typist and senior stenographer; secretary Marion Hulse, 34 years at Riley; computer lab assistant Ava Dee Robinson, 29 years at Aquebogue; Marilyn Voss, 22 years’ service working in the science and math departments at RMS; maintenance mechanic Paul Meyer, 37 years at Riley; food service driver Roger McCabe, 22 years; school bus driver Betty Clinton, 29 years; school bus driver James Green, 22 years; school bus driver Stanley McCormick, 21 years; school bus driver Theodore Olsen, 16 years; and Claudette Tuttle, 22 years as an aide, food service worker and bus driver.

The bus drivers had anywhere from 11 to 15 years of accident-free driving, a commendable accomplishment. To read about all the accomplishments these retirees have made to RCSD and the community, check out the June 21 Board of Education agenda by visiting Congratulations to everyone. May you enjoy your retirement years; you certainly deserve it. You will be sorely missed by your colleagues and students in the fall. God bless.

Happy birthday to Tom Galka and Nacara Turpin on June 30; Thomas Doremus, July 1; Scott Robertson, Cara Jacobs and Robert Bugdin Jr., July 2; Peter Krajewski and David Sparrow, July 3; and Ron Row, Matthew “Firecracker” Naugles (who turns 8), Alex Raynor (who turns 4) and Eddie Raffel, on July 4. Hope your day is special.

Happy anniversary wishes to JoAnne and Mark Anasky, who celebrate their 21st, and John and Carol Turpin, who celebrate their 7th, on June 30; and to Mary and Andy Mitchell, who will celebrate their 1st anniversary on July 4. Be sure to celebrate.

The Times/Review offices will be closed on Monday, July 4; therefore any news for the July 7 issue needs to get to me by the evening of Thursday, June 30.

The Fourth of July is more than parties and fireworks — it’s a day to celebrate America’s freedom and remember the men and women who gave their lives for our independence.

Hang your American flag proudly. God bless America.