Puppy saved from gang initiation hanging now marks Kent’s 30,000th adoption

07/15/2011 1:40 PM |

KENT COURTESY PHOTO | 4-month-old Mona Lisa was almost killed by a gang of youths.

A puppy rescued as a group of youths was hanging it during a twisted gang initiation has helped mark an adoption milestone at Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton.

Mona Lisa, now four months old, has become the 30,000th animal adopted out of the nonprofit, no-kill shelter for abandoned or abused dogs and cats located on River Road, shelter officials announced Friday.

She was adopted by Chris Kennedy of Coram.

Police officers interrupted the intended hanging, which happened in Bellport, officials said.

“The kids dropped the dog and ran,” Kent’s executive director, Pam Green, said of the incident.  “The dog had a chain around its neck; it was kind of gasping for air at that point.”

The pup, which showed signs of neglect and starvation, recovered at the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter before she was taken to Kent about two weeks ago, Ms. Green said.

“Through no fault of her own…she found herself living on the street with no means of survival except scavenging for scraps in garbage cans,” Ms. Green said. “She had the further misfortune of encountering a gang of juveniles intent on harming her.”

Mr. Kennedy was actually intent on adopting a different puppy until he spotted Mona Lisa, and then heard her story.

“He took her out and was videotaping her,” Ms. Green said. “And he just absolutely loved her.”

KENT COURTESY PHOTO | Chris Kennedy of Coram is all smiles outside of Kent Animal Shelter.

But he was surprised to later learn he had officially adopted Kent’s 30,000th homeless pet.

“I would have expected a whole bunch of pet-friendly balloons to fall on my head!” he wrote on Facebook, while also thanking the shelter staff for protecting “these little pals.”

For more information about Kent Animal Shelter, which is trying to raise money for an upgraded facility, visit www.kentanimalshelter.com.

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  • I got a 6 month old German Sheppard that was abused before Kent Shelter rescued her and also got a Kitten 6 months later in 1970. I will always admire the work Kent Shelter does

  • What this article doesn’t mention is that these unidentified “youths” were the wonderful offspring of illegal immigrants trying to initiate new members into the youth branch of the murderous MS-13 latino gang. Once they are old enough to join MS-13 initiation requires that they “cut” someone.

    Long Islanders better wake up, because rotisserie chicken joints and “multi-servicio” agencies aren’t the only cultural elements they’ve brought with them from El Salvador and Guatemala.

    And to think, we’ve paid for their births through free hospital care, as well as food stamps, education, section 8 welfare housing….

  • Watcher11901 – it all started when we started letting the Italians in to the country. They brought their gangs with them, and their initiation rites that include killing a person. These dark skinned people are trouble.