Riverhead’s B&B Furniture and Bedding set to close

07/19/2011 2:58 PM |

TIM GANNON PHOTO | Another big store bites the dust on Route 58.

Borders isn’t the only big store on Route 58 that’s closing.

B&B Furniture and Bedding has been trying to sell off its inventory for several weeks now, and plans to close its Riverhead store once that happens.

“The economy is tough today,” owner Denis Blumberg said. “Rents are high and it’s tough to sustain any sort of momentum.”

Mr. Blumberg recalled having high hopes for the Riverhead store when it opened in one portion of the former Pergaments store in 2004.

“I was real excited,” he said. “It was great for a few years, but then with the economy crashing like, it has really taken its toll. It’s hard to keep up with the bills.”

Mr. Blumberg said the closure is based on the economy, not on anything specific about Riverhead.

“It’s a good town,” he said. “But the problems with the economy is not just in Riverhead, it’s everywhere.”

There’s no set time for the store to close.

“We’ve got to liquidate everything,” Mr. Blumberg said. “We’ve got to get rid of everything.”

The store has been selling its inventory at discounted rates for several weeks now.

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  • Sorry to see B&B Furniture and Bedding leave Riverhead. I purchased a beautiful dining room set from them not long ago and am so very pleased with my purchase. Their sales people were courteous and helpful as was their Customer Service. Thank you B&B for making my purchase a pleasant experience!

  • No one local can afford to shop there and people up island shop — well, up island. This speaks loudly of the economic situation in Riverhead specifically, and the nation in general. And we have teachers making 140,000 a year for 180 days work, and our property taxes skyrocketing, and probably going up even more to make needed repairs on the schools, which were ignored for years so that we could give these people raises and obscene benefits. READ OUR LIPS: WE’RE BROKE.