Calverton: Notes from around the community

I hope the heat wave is over for the rest of the season. I did not like it! When it is 88 degrees at 8:15 a.m. something is not quite right.

I had the pleasure of spending all day Friday with my new best friend the garden hose, who really is a “cool” friend. Cris Spindler of Peconic River Herb Farm also confessed to me the very same cooling-off technique. It’s very funny how, as we compared notes, we both didn’t care if we looked like we just emerged from the bottom of a pond. It worked, and worked and worked.

That wonderful Brian Minnick is at it again. This time he made his 4-year-old niece’s dream come true when she caught her first fish ever. It was a nice pumpkinseed sunfish caught using a big fat nightcrawler. It made Kamora a happy little girl. Since Kamora’s cousin Kylie caught her first fish, which is displayed proudly in the living room, Kamora wanted a fish of her own, and now she has one. Brian will be mounting Kamora’s fish this week to be hung next to Kylie’s catch. Congratulations! May there be many more fish in your future.

Patrice Hernandez is a new grandma and is so happy. Her son John, who now lives in Massachusetts, and his wife, Kaylee, have a new baby boy. Shane McCrosson Hernandez was born on June 28 and is so cute. Grandpa John Hernandez is equally proud, as well as aunties Rachel, Michele and Kaitlyn, all from Wading River, and Sag Harbor grandparents Jim and Kathy McCrosson. We wish you all so much love and fun with this little guy. Enjoy every moment.

Mom, Dad and I went to a surprise birthday party for our dear friend Eileen Emmedio this past Saturday and we had a really nice time. Eileen turns 40 really soon (It’s OK, honey, it’s not bad). She is the nicest police officer you want to know. We caught up on what’s been going on (that’s when Cris and I discussed the garden hose issue) and all agreed that not only was the party fun, but the air conditioning was the best. We love you, Eileen. Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to my co-worker Patti Hautsch, who celebrates July 31. We hope you have a nice day, Patti. Make someone cook something really special for you. Enjoy!
Baiting Hollow Congregational Church’s chicken barbecue is almost here. Aug. 6 is the date for the best, tastiest BBQ around. For tickets or more info call Sandy at 369-4318.

That is all for this week. Thanks to the other columnist for encouraging you all to buy local produce at our farm stands. Take care, be safe and I shall talk to you next week. Bye.