Top 5: Greenport High School athletes

GARRET MEADE FILE PHOTO | Longtime Greenport coach and sports fan selected Ryan Creighton as his No. 3 all-time great Porters athlete.

Ron McEvoy, a former Greenport High School assistant and junior varsity football coach who has observed the Greenport sports scene since 1969, selects his five all-time greatest Greenport High School athletes:

5. CARL UTZ Almost interchangeable with Dorrie Jackson Jr. Had great speed and was a big scorer for undefeated football teams.

4. DORRIE JACKSON JR. Another great three-sport competitor with a scoring record in football. Not a bad pedigree, either (his father was the former legendary football coach of the Porters).

3. RYAN CREIGHTON Regardless of his scoring records in basketball, he was a complete player and totally unselfish. This five-year starter was a coach on the court from his first start.

2. DICK and HARRY BREESE I’m cheating on this one. I can’t decide between these two great three-sport athletes who played key positions.

1. AL EDWARDS Everybody knows his basketball skills and records, but forgets that he competed in four varsity sports.

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