Flanders: Get on board RHS reunion coming up Aug. 27

It’s August already. Too bad the summer always seems to go by so quickly, more so now that I’m an adult. I cannot stand being cold and I’m really dreading this winter. After last winter I’ve had enough snow and ice to last me at least 10 years.

This week has been extremely quiet in the news department. I’m sure everyone is very busy but there has to be something you’d like to share with the community. Give me a call or email me anything you’d like to share while it’s fresh on your mind.

Attention RHS Class of 1986 alumni. The countdown has begun! On Aug. 27 we will be celebrating our 25-year reunion at Calverton Links/Eagles Landing and we need to know if you’re attending. If you haven’t responded yet, please get that check in the mail as soon as possible. Aug. 27 is going to come around very quickly. If you have any questions, please call or email me at the numbers above or call John Garziano at 335-2035.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Bryan Cobb, from your mom and your brothers, Jay, Michael and Eric. Bryan celebrated his birthday Aug. 3. I hope you had a great day.
I’m almost embarrassed with this next shout-out but those of you who know me know that I don’t forget the dates, I

just forget to write about it the week before. Belated happy birthday to my dad, Jim Zaleski, who celebrated on July 29, from myself, Thomas, Michael and Kaitlyn, Mike, Kim and Ryan, Jimmy, Denise, James and Charlotte, and Frank and Danny. We hope you had a great day and I’m sorry I forgot to mention it in last week’s column.
Happy 7th birthday to Miranda Lennon, who will celebrate on Aug. 6, from Grandma, Pop-Pop, your dad, Joseph, and all your family. We all hope you have a wonderful day. Happy birthday to Jimmy Lennon from your mom and all your family and friends. Jimmy will celebrate the big 3-0 on Aug. 9.

Happy 1st anniversary wishes to Victor Mosely, from your wife, Pam. Victor and Pam were married on Aug. 7, 2010. Best wishes to you both for many, many more!

I attended the annual clambake at Flanders Men’s Club on Saturday and I had a great time. Thank you, Laurie, Fran and Renee for keeping my life interesting and fun. I cannot wait for next year.

Well, friends and neighbors, that is all for this week. I usually end my column asking you to please drive safely, slowly and to put those cell phones down. This week I’m going to add the following: “Stop putting on your makeup while you’re driving!” Last Sunday morning I was behind a car that was swerving all over the road. I thought to myself this person is either drunk or texting. Turns out she was putting on makeup. Here’s a suggestion: Pull over! Better yet, apply it at home without jeopardizing anyone’s safety in the process. Enjoy your weekend, folks. I hope to hear from you soon.