Investigators: 17 people found living in Flanders house

The owners of a Flanders house in which 17 people were found living Thursday have become the latest targets of Southampton Town code enforcers.

Authorities descended on the Priscilla Avenue property about 5 a.m. and found five families living in the crammed, four-bedroom house, with an entire family of four living in a tiny 10X13 room.

Officials said all the bedrooms were overcrowded and extra rooms had been added without the proper permits.

The property owners Samuel and Francisco Domingo were slapped with 40 counts of town code violations, including the installation of a second kitchen and having no carbon monoxide detectors.

“One smoke detector was covered in aluminum foil, while others were missing batteries or just not there in the first place,” said Southampton Town Chief  Investigator David Betts.

Authorities have cited at least seven homeowners in the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton area for code violations in the past year.

Just last week, a Flanders property owner who in March and July was slapped with summonses for running a business out of a residential property was cited again, this time for an illegal apartment and other building code violations on the same property.

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