Calverton: Freeze those tomatoes! Peaches, too!

Are you ready to become Polish for the weekend? Yes indeed, the highly anticipated Polish Town Fair kicks off on Saturday and I love it! It’s great to walk around and visit with friends you haven’t’ seen in a while, eat some Polish food you might not have had the time to make this summer, and drink something cool and refreshing. Yes, I’m ready.

We have a new arrival on River Road in Calverton. Cato Pete Miloski was born to Maya and Brian Miloski on Aug. 3 at St. Charles Hospital, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces. Big brother Max, who is 1 1/2 , is delighted with his new brother. Grandma Jennie Miloski is a very proud grandma, as is Cato’s Grandma Cornelia, who is visiting from Germany for three weeks. Everyone is enjoying her visit and all her help. Congratulations to all of you from all of us. Enjoy your beautiful baby boy.

Well kids, it’s almost time. Yes, time to head back to school. I guess there’s about three weeks or so left of freedom. Have a carefree, wonderful time off. To all those who are off to college, we wish you all the best. Learn and have some fun along the way, too. I know you will.

Happy birthday to my niece Holly White who celebrated on Aug. 15. Belated wishes to you, Hol, from all your family and friends. Hope your day was great.

My buddy around the corner from the farm stand, Michelle, asked me a good question last weekend: How do you make tomato sauce for the winter and freeze it? No need. Just place your tomatoes (plum tomatoes are the best) in a big freezer bag and freeze them whole, the way they came off the vine. I did this last year and, boy, is it easy. The skins come right off when you thaw them out. You can cook them whenever you want. The smell of fresh tomatoes cooking when it’s 10 degrees outside is one of the best scents you can imagine. While you’re at it, put some peaches in the freezer, too. They are now at their peak and you can use them for so many things later on.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the last few weeks of August. May the weather be perfect. I shall talk to you next time. Take care, bye.

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