Calverton: Black cats at Kent for Halloween

What a perfect weekend for the Polish Town Fair. with great weather once again. God indeed smiles down on Polish Town each year. Mom and I went to the fair Sunday morning and made the rounds. We saw Aunt Bert Harris, Aunt Kay Davis, and “Ma” Adele Ambrose, some of our most favorite people who never fail to make us smile and laugh. Everyone deserves a hearty congratulations as, once again, the fair was great!

River Road, Calverton resident Gene Sendlewski got married this weekend. OK, he sort of got married — he was the “groom” in the traditional Polish wedding at St. Isidore Church during the fair. I can only imagine how he felt in front of all those people who were watching. Great job!

Speaking of River Road, Kent Animal Shelter has a half-price special on black cats and black-and-white cats. It seems there are not many calls for black pets so Kent has a lot of them. Why not get your special friend now? Halloween is just around the corner and you’ll be the hit of the neighborhood. Just visit the website and give a peek and get a new friend.

A few houses away from Kent lives my friend Louise (Sanders) Vance, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing from the farm stand for about 25 years or so. Louise and some of her classmates met recently at a friend’s home in Sayville and went back to see their school on which they attended in the mid-1930s. They took pictures and reminisced about their time there together. A great time was had by all!

Now on to South River Road in Calverton. Sherri Guthrie has created an apron that has won her a brand-new sewing machine. For the contest, sponsored by Peaceful Quilting, contestants had to create a special apron. Sherri’s included a chicken design. It seems she is very good at sewing and deserves our congratulations. Great job, Sherri. I admire you, as my greatest feat is sewing on a button.

Belated happy birthday to Terry Bach, the wonderful wife of our very own Dr. Bach, who celebrated her birthday this past week. We love you dearly, Terry, you are the best. From all your family and friends, near and far, we hope your day was all yours and simply perfect.

Happy birthday to Carol Niewadomski, from Dr. Bach’s office, on Aug. 29 from your husband, Jan, your son, Jimmy, your mom, and all of us at the office, who enjoy your wit, humor, singing, and really big smiles. May you have the best birthday ever, Carol Lu. We love you!

OK, here’s your farm tip of the week: Feed your plants. Not only your veggies but your hanging baskets, planters and window boxes. Do they look weak? Not blooming too much? Feed them! We’ve had a lot of rain, which washes out fertilizer, so grab your Miracle-Gro and drench them. In about a week or two you’ll be amazed at how good they look. Of course a hurricane could … well, let’s not go there.

Have a great, safe week. I shall talk to you next week. Take care, bye.