Does Democratic nominee want to run on rival line?

VERA CHINESE PHOTO | Democratic nominee Marlando Williams.

Marlando Williams, one of the Democratic nominees for a Riverhead Town council seat in this fall’s elections, has filed an acceptance letter to also run on an independent line with Greg Fischer and Ruth Pollack — two people who are challenging Mr. Williams’ Democratic running mates in September primaries.

Mr. Fischer, who is waging a primary for supervisor, said Monday that Mr. Williams has sent an acceptance letter to run on the Riverhead First line with him and Ms. Pollack, who is seeking a council seat.

The county Board of Elections also confirmed it received an acceptance letter from Mr. Williams to appear on the Riverhead First line, for which Mr. Fischer on Tuesday submitted petitions to be on the November ballot.

Mr. Williams has previously stated that he supports the Democratic line, where his running mates are Phil Cardinale for supervisor and Matt Van Glad for council. But he was on vacation this week in Jamaica and couldn’t be reached for comment.

Mr. Fischer said Mr. Williams sent the acceptance letter via DHL from Jamaica to the Board of Elections.

Last month, Mr. Fischer submitted petitions for a Democratic primary and an Independence Party primary that included himself, Ms. Pollack and Mr. Williams. The Independence Party primary won’t take place, however, because the candidates didn’t have support from the county Independence Party leader.

Riverhead Democratic Committee chairman Vinny Villella said he didn’t know what to make of the acceptance letter or why Mr. Williams would run on a ticket that’s opposing his Democratic running mates.

“All I know is, he’s been away on vacation,” Mr. Villella said. “I don’t know how he signed it or how it was notarized. It’s news to me. I have no idea. It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

“This is a really great moment and I am very proud,” Mr. Fischer said in a press release about the Riverhead First line, for which he said he filed more than twice the required number of signatures.

“We have a real platform,” he said. “I hope we will be elected on that platform.”

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