Photos: ‘You can actually see the antenna on the tower’

These amazing photos were taken just two days after Sept. 11 last year by the owner of The Junque Shop antique store in Riverside.

Theadora Cohen told the Riverhead News-Review she was bringing in furniture from outside her Riverleigh Avenue shop at sunset last Sept. 13 when she “saw something peculiar in the clouds and watched it form into the burning twin towers.”

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It took just a few minutes before she realized the images hundreds of feet in the sky were likenesses of the World Trade Center buildings that collapsed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York City.

“I was still questioning it until the antenna showed up,” she said. “Then there was no doubt in my mind; that was the twin towers.”

She raced into her store to grab her Nikkon digital camera and snapped the photos. Her employee and the owners of Marta’s Deli across the street also saw the cloud formation, and they all agreed it looked like the lost buildings.

She said the sun was so bright that the towers appeared as if they were on fire, but her camera didn’t capture the intensity of the light.

That day was Yom Kippur, and Ms. Cohen said she believes the image was a sign from God.

“It was God showing us he knows our pain,” she said.

The figure hung in the sky for 10 to 15 minutes before fading away.

THEADORA COHEN PHOTO | Junque Shop owner Theadora Cohen took these photos last Sept. 13 during sunset in Riverside.