New biofuel facility opens in Calverton

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | The new Metro Biofuels facility in Calverton.

A new biofuel processing and storage facility is now open at the Calverton Enterprise Park and will provide the region with domestically produced, “greener” fuel options.

Metro Biofuel, a Brooklyn-based company, is opening its second plant at the former Northrop Grumman naval weapons facility where it will store and process bio-diesel fuels. The company, which has one the largest fuel processing center in North America, uses soy, algae and recycled restaurant grease to make those fuels which can be used to power cars and oil heaters.

The new facility is expected to create about 60 new jobs, including drivers and administrative positions.

“That’s … people that aren’t working right now, that could be working in this industry,” Riverhead Town Councilman John Dunleavy said during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new

The Calverton facility, which will eventually be able to hold over 2 million gallons of fuel, will store No. 2 fuel oil, biofuel and ultra-low sulfur diesel. It will also process those fuels for distribution across Long Island.

The new location will make use of the recently completed rail spur to transport the fuels between Calverton and Brooklyn. The $5.5 million rail spur was funded by a $4.8 million federal stimulus grant, along with $650,000 from the state’s Empire State Development Corporation.

Metro officials noted the same amount of fuel transported by 2,500 truck trips can be moved in just 100 train trips.

“Metro is looking forward to playing its part in helping Long Island become a greener place to live and work,” said Metro Biofuels president Gene Pullo. “Utilizing the revitalized rail spur to bring in our fuel from Brooklyn is a more efficient and environmentally sound way to transport our product.”

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