Calverton Column: Happy birthday, Star Confectionery!

I hope everyone is eating local cauliflower and broccoli now that it is available and oh, so sweet. Yes, you may now purchase these wonderful veggies at your local farm stands so please do so. Happy fall to one and all as we celebrate this festive season beginning tomorrow, Sept. 23. I wish you colorful days and cozy nights.

The hummingbirds have headed south for the winter. They are sorely missed, as they really provide entertainment for us at the farm. They are very friendly once they get to know you. Perhaps for Christmas you can ask for a hummingbird feeder? Marge and Sue from Manorville have a fun way of keeping track of these little beauties. In the spring Sue’s sister calls her from Florida and lets Sue know when the birds have left Florida and are headed here. Just recently Sue called her sister to let her know that she should expect some company (the hummingbirds) soon. It’s surely fun keeping track of our little friends.

Congratulations to Scott Kulesa, who just about won the Late Model division championship at Riverhead Raceway last Saturday. Scott finished second in the standings but was so close to winning it all. But don’t despair; Scott and his wife, Lindsay, are expecting their first child any day now, which indeed is the best present you can get. Congrats to one and all. Maybe next year Scott will win the championship as a brand-new dad.

Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know. Star Confectionery (aka Papa Nick’s) on Main Street in Riverhead will turn 100 this year. This wonderful, old-fashioned eatery, which I do believe most of us have visited and our moms and dads frequented when they were in high school, is now run by a third generation of family members and is still known for its wonderful food and the many smiles you will encounter when you drop by for breakfast or lunch. Congratulations!

A very happy birthday to a great guy from Calverton, Walter Duncan, who we love dearly. Walter will celebrate Sept. 22 and will turn yet another year younger. We wish for you a perfect day — nice and warm, and lots of fun.

The Jets are 2 and 0 — the beginning of a winning Super Bowl season. We shall win it all. I’m not kidding. Have a great, safe week and I shall talk to you soon. Bye.