Town will be accepting household pollutants Saturday


Got a whole mess of dead batteries or empty aerosol cans but worried about what to do with them?

Here’s you chance to get rid of them the environmentally safe way.

Riverhead Town is holding a Stop Throwing Out Pollutants (STOP) day Saturday at the town highway department yard on Osborn Avenue, just north of Route 58. There, residents can dump various household hazardous wastes they aren’t supposed to be putting in the regular garbage.

“This is where you can bring your propane tanks,” Supervisor Sean Walter said, adding he was asked about where to dump household pollutants while on the campaign trail recently.

The list of items accepted on STOP day includes adhesives, alcohols, anti-freeze, aerosols, paint solvents, degreasers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, photo chemicals, waxes, polishes, stains, varnishes, turpentine, oven cleaners, mothballs, oil base paints, lead base paints, all types of cleaners, used motor oil, old gasoline, batteries, transmission fluid, starter fluid, brake fluid, pool chemicals, photo chemicals, lighter fluid, kerosene, flourescent bulbs, computers and electronic equipments.

People can bring these items to the highway yard between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday, said Riverhead’s sanitation supervisor, John Reeve.

Items not accepted at the STOP day include explosives, medical waste, and commercial or industrial waste, officials said.

The is the last of two STOP days the town will hold this year. The other was in May.

Anyone with questions should call the sanitation department at 727-3200 ext. 391. There is no rain date.

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