SWR board modifies role of substitute athletic director

SAMANTHA BRIX PHOTO The Shoreham-Wading River school board changed a substitute's title in response to incorrect wording in a Sept. 20 resolution.

The Shoreham-Wading River school board approved a resolution at its Tuesday night meeting to change the title of Lynn Schwartz, who was hired last month as substitute director of health, physical education and athletics.

The board approved a resolution Sept. 20 to hire Mr. Schwartz at a per diem rate of $575 without medical benefits.

Board president Bill McGrath said before the meeting that the resolution was “poorly worded,” and that Mr. Schwartz was never meant to oversee the physical education curriculum. He said Mr. Schwartz has not been acting as director of physical education, nor has he been getting paid to.

School officials said high school physical education teacher Deborah Lutjen has instead been assuming the role of director of physical education since last month. The board approved a resolution at the meeting to appoint her to the position, effective Sept. 26.

“We did know that Ms. Lutjen was going to do it,” board president Bill McGrath said after the meeting. “What we didn’t have right was the wording.”

Mr. McGrath said both Ms. Lutjen and Mr. Schwartz will serve in their roles only until Kenneth Marlboro, the district’s permanent director of health, physical education and athletics, returns from medical leave.

Ms. Luten was appointed at a rate not to exceed a total of $1,780. Mr. McGrath said the amount she’ll earn depends on when Mr. Marlboro returns and that she’ll receive the full amount only if she works in her substitute position until the end of the school year.

Tax levy not yet determined 

The board postponed a resolution to approve the tax levy for this school year since Brookhaven Town hasn’t yet finalized its equalization rate, a number necessary to determine a school district’s tax levy.

The board is tentatively holding an extra meeting on Wednesday to set the tax levy since the district must set a levy by Oct. 28.

Director of finance and operations Glen Arcuri said the district will be required to use last school year’s equalization rate if Brookhaven Town doesn’t finalize a figure by Oct. 28.

Negotiations reached with civil service employees

The board approved an agreement between Superintendent Steven Cohen and the civil service union president to renew civil service employee contracts from the 2010-11 school year through the 2012-13 school year.

Resolution tabled to avoid scheduling conflict

Board members tabled a resolution to pay Andrew Herman no more than $500 to provide information on Nov. 30 to student athletes who wish to pursue athletics in college. They said they’ll vote on the resolution after ensuring there’s no scheduling conflict on Nov. 30.

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