Monday Briefing: Don’t be surprised if Riverhead surprises Newfield Saturday

The Blue Waves football team was dealt a shot to the face this weekend, as Newfield rolled over Riverhead Sunday in the Waves’ own stadium, 37-0.

And get this; the teams meet again in six days!

While News-Review sports editor Bob Liepa was right in reporting the big win could give Newfield a mental edge going into the playoff matchup, football is a chess match and it’s hard for a good team to lose to the same team twice.

Look for Coach Shay to make the necessary adjustments, and if the boys are hungry enough they just might be able to turn Newfield’s confidence into over-confidence, and catch them sleepwalking.

I know from experience, being on a 1996 St. Anthony’s Friars football team that lost to Mount Saint Michael of The Bronx in the CHSFL championship.

We crushed Mount during the regular season. I often think about what would have happened if the two teams had played a tighter game before the rematch.

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• Most people find the winter holidays, and all that shopping, wrapping and writing out cards, to be a burden. For me, election time is taxing, what with getting yelled at by all political sides over editorial coverage and advertising. Even the most sane of people get a little crazy during silly season, including myself. And it seems each fall brings up a new host of issues I’ve never encountered before on the job.

But we push on; the News-Review will be publishing its endorsements in this Thursday’s paper and online, so be sure to check them out.

• Halloween on a Monday, huh? But all the Halloween parties are over!

At least seeing those little trick-or-treaters knock on the door every 20 minutes or so will help break up what is normally a pretty humdrum night.

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