Editorial: Who’s your person of the year?

Every year at this time we use this space to ask Riverhead News-Review readers to nominate candidates for our People of the Year issue. In our first issue of 2012, we will name a civic leader, educator, businessperson, public servant and overall person of the year.

With their poignant nominations, our readers have always played perhaps the most important role in the selection process. Last year, they helped us choose a wide array of worthy recipients, including a Horton Avenue resident who has successfully lobbied government officials to get help for her neighborhood after devastating floods there; a woman who has put her money where her mouth is in transforming an entire corner of downtown Riverhead into a vibrant restaurant and apartment building; and two men who helped rebuild a house so the parents of Heidi Behr — a volunteer ambulance worker killed in an ambulance crash in 2005 — would be better able to raise Heidi’s disabled son.

In the past, we’ve honored people from diverse fields and all walks of life. We want to hear about people like the teacher who went above and beyond to help you become a better student or the business owner who never stops giving back to the community.

The town is loaded with residents who work tirelessly to make our area a better place. We always have a growing list of people who are more than qualified to earn such an honor. That list can never be too long.

We realize there are a great many people doing big things in their community who don’t seek the spotlight. As a result, the work they do is hardly noticed. That’s who we’re talking about.

Do you know such a person? Let us know.

Nominations can be mailed to Times/Review Newspapers, P.O. Box 1500, Mattituck, NY 11952. Or you can email the editor at [email protected] Faxes are OK, too; our fax number is 631-298-3287. Or just give us a call at 631-298-3200 and ask for Michael White at extension 152.

Let us know why this person or group is deserving, and please be sure to give us your phone number so we can follow up. All correspondence will be kept confidential, so the people nominated don’t even have to know you are singling them out. Nominations should be submitted by Dec. 5.

We plan to announce our People of the Year in the Jan. 5, 2012, edition.

We’ll do our best to keep our awards hush-hush until the day the paper comes out. Become involved in the selection process. Practice your own random act of kindness by helping us showcase a deserving friend or neighbor.