Calverton: Save those pumpkin seeds

I hope you stayed up till 2 a.m. and turned back your clocks last Saturday night. I certainly turned mine back. I guess it was about 8:10 p.m. or so. Yes, I did it nice and early. What’s the big deal? It’s not like I missed out on anything — perhaps an hour of moonlight or so. Anyway, it sure is nice to get up in the morning and see sunlight. I felt like a bat getting up in the dark and now I feel like a robin.

Belated happy second anniversary wishes to my best pumpkin friend Danielle and her husband, Deejay Chasse, who celebrated on Oct. 30. Danielle has spent many pumpkin seasons with us at the farm. She is a joy, and Deejay is quite a keeper, too. We love you both and wish you many more happy years together. Congratulations.

Speaking of pumpkins, if you have some hanging around that are still intact, scoop out the seeds and either roast them or freeze them for some tasty eats in February. Seriously, scoop the seeds out, toss them in freezer bags and forget about them till you find them buried among your french fries. Then roast them with salt and enjoy. I must confess, I probably have many pounds of seeds frozen. I shall sell them to my daughter for a very steep price later on in the winter, as she and her friend are quite addicted to these crunchy treats. It’s nice to tease your children.

I would like to wish my beautiful friend and former Manorville resident Patti Smith a very happy birthday on Nov. 11. So, Patti Poo, 11/11/11, who could have a better birthday? Who could be a better friend? It’s all you, honey. From all of us, who love and miss you, we hope you have the bestest birthday ever. Miss Cassie, Patti’s daughter, will celebrate a few days later on Nov. 15. Cass, we all wish you the most happiest birthday ever. We do miss having you here with us, too. May your day be perfect!

Let’s not forget our veterans Nov. 11, Veterans Day. Each and every one who has gone above and beyond to protect our great country, those who are still with us, those who have left us, we thank you. Please, if only for a moment, stop and look at our flag, thank someone who has served, enjoy the sunset and remember that if it weren’t for these men and women we might not be where we are today. It is truly a gift to us all. Thank you.

That is all for this week. I expect to see you still buying brussels sprouts, cauliflower and rutabagas at your local farm stand. There are potatoes, amazing sweet potatoes and great apples for pies, for your Thanksgiving feasts.

Take care, be safe. Bye.