Downtown community garden closes for the season

MICHAEL WHITE | The downtown community garden has been prepared for winter.

After several months of growing squash, tomatoes and a ton of parsley, among other crops, it’s time for most gardeners to say goodbye to downtown’s River and Roots community garden for the winter.

River and Roots hosted its fall cleanup Saturday to winterize the garden and clear out any dead plant matter in preparation of spring planting, said the group’s secretary, Laurie Nigro. Growers were asked only to plant annuals this year as it was not clear if they would be maintaining the same plots the following season.

Meanwhile some gardeners will continue to grow cold-weather crops such as garlic and kale throughout the winter.

The garden is located on a parcel of town-owned land at the intersection of Griffing Avenue and West Main Street, where participants maintain 36 4-by-10 plots.

Ms. Nigro said there is no waiting list for 2012 jut yet, but it appears they may have a full house again next year.

Ms. Nigro, along with friend and fellow downtown resident Amy Davidson, had been trying to create the garden for over a year. The pair hit a few snags along the way while trying to find an appropriate site, but by March it was apparent their vision would be coming to life.

“It was more than I could have possibly thought we would ever have,” Ms. Nigro said. “It was an amazing opportunity.”

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