Calverton Column: It’s time for traditions, old and new

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays in my opinion — very relaxed, turkey, gravy, football and no presents. It’s truly a time to give thanks for our crops, our family and all the things we take for granted. I always make a wreath on Thanksgiving morning and we hang it up at the farm just before dinner is served, a nice tradition we’ve upheld for 30 years or so. I will teach that to my little granddaughter as soon as she can hold onto some cedar branches. Unless, of course, her dad beats me to it as he learned to make wreaths from our “gramie” when he was very little. Why not start a tradition of your own? They are simply wonderful and you’ll be in awe as you think back to when they began.

Mrs. Sterns at Riley Avenue Elementary will hold a Thanksgiving play for all students this week to celebrate this fantastic holiday. We wish her first-graders the best of luck, as the whole school will be watching.
Thanks to all who donated to the food drive at Riley. It means so much. Riley is very proud of all its parent volunteers. Whether you’ve assisted with centers or various activities in the classroom or art room, your help is much appreciated. If you haven’t yet, do consider getting involved. It’s fun and you will meet so many nice people. From everyone at Riley, a very happy Thanksgiving to all!

Baiting Hollow Congregational Church will hold its annual “Green Sale” on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Available for purchase will be wreaths, sprays and all types of greens for the Christmas season. There will also be a white elephant table with all kinds of good things for everyone. So stop by and see this wonderful group and get yourself some holiday cheer.

If you’ve decided to make a homemade pumpkin pie from scratch, well good for you! But let me make a small suggestion. Bake your pumpkin and drain it thoroughly before you add the spices. The less water, the firmer the pie. Butternut squash or cheese pumpkins are really your best bet. By the way, did you know that when cranberries are ripe they bounce? They do! Now there’s a fun game for the entire family. Those little pockets in the berries make them bounce, however damaged berries do not. Hey, the kids are off for a few days. Why not make them earn their cranberry sauce? Check those berries.

One more thing. Buy your Christmas tree soon. I kid you not. I got mine the day after Thanksgiving last year with Mom. We took them home, cut their trunks a little and stuck the trees in buckets of water until we were ready to put them up. They lasted so well! Think of it this way: You might buy a tree the third week of December but that tree has been cut and sitting on concrete without water for weeks. The sooner it gets water the fresher and safer it will be. When I took mine down it lasted outside till March!

I wish you all a very happy, wonderful Thanksgiving! Take care and I shall talk to you next week. Bye.

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